Instead of Raising Level Caps

Raising the level caps without giving players more time to account for more complicated badge requirements, how about you slow down and give us something else instead. More specifically, BALANCE PATCHES.

I get there are other pressing issues, but this is still a healthy way of keeping things interesting for your player base while making the game better. Ever since January (the introduction of Darkwing Duck), the new heroes you have released have been beyond unreasonably powerful. You guys need to take a moment to make adjustments with the current roster, especially because you keep releasing new heroes.

Ducky & Bunny has been the most irresponsible hero to date, with absolutely absurd damage output that can potentially just one-shot unprepared teams. And even more recently, Peter Pan is given the ability to straight up get a free KO with his unstoppable White Skill. And everyone knows about the Merlin meta, the absolute worst offender to be mentioned. His presence in the game was (is) so strong that you guys specifically designed Timon & Pumbaa in a way that denies him of his otherwise oppressive team combos with Aladdin and Barbossa. Introducing a new hero (or in this case, a duo) to be an explicit counter to an unbalanced hero is NOT balance, that is POOR GAME DESIGN. There are many, many other examples but we’d be here all day if I were to go through it all (let alone going in depth with just ONE).

Remember when you guys did an update with no new heroes but rather it had a refresh for Merida and Finnick? THAT was a step in the right direction. Do more of that. Do it responsibly. Believe me, people will still get excited to see new heroes and are more than willing to drop money on it. Don’t let a new hero’s absurd strength be the reason why players should invest in them. That is never a good reason (despite the devil on our shoulders telling us otherwise). Buff your old heroes, or nerf the new heroes, or do a full-roster re-evaluation because this is ridiculous and you know it.


I fully agree with this. I’d like to be able to use my favorites again instead of being chained to the cut-and-paste meta.


Can’t agree more. It’s pointless to invest in an older characters because the newer ones are so much more powerful. Would love to see some more hero refreshes. And by more I mean A LOT… Basically exactly as you said, a whole roster re-evaluation.



Of course I agree, but PB will do what they now doing, breaking balance, sucking money from players by forcing to buy deals and focus on newest heroes and decreasing rewards in-game (invasion and contests). (and forcing people to wait for Kim over 2 months)

No joy just rivalry, very unhealthy rivalry. Spend $$$ or you won’t gonna able to catch-up.
CW, surge, invasion… well ALL game parts have these new heroes which are incredible broken and old heroes won’t kill them, friendships even require money becuase enemies are overpowered.

Sulley was good
Moana was good
DW was good
Alice was good

Now they are nothing when compare with TS4 heroes and any new hero.


I totally agree with this.
I have started to try and use some old heroes like Sally, Felix, Ralph etc to just spice things up in my heroes lineups. But against all these recent new heroes, these old heroes are so lacking in power, skill mix, stats and all other things. Recent heroes do more damage, team buffs, team control and defenses. Even when I’m trying to use old heroes with new heroes, I have to use more new heroes in the mix to be able to still manage to beat team with all new heroes or a stupid MBA (MerlinBarbossaAladdin) or even a team with D&B and T&P. Most of arena defenses has D&B now (right after the Merlin Barbossa meta) and it just becomes so boring and difficult to keep up too.

Do more refreshes to your old heroes. Don’t just buff their stats but improve their skills. Add something to their existing skills and/or change the skill itself.
Give more varieties on the skills.




This is so true! It’s like balancing has been thrown out the window I liked it when all the characters were strong or helpful in a unique way and they worked well together but now it’s just horrible Ducky and Bunny’s damage is insane not even a shield can protect them from the insane power of there Laser Eyes skill, Peter Pan is unstoppable with his healing insane damage from green skill and instant healing from blue! It’s insane sometimes not even my Moana can beat Ducky and Bunny. Merlin’s insane white and how he gains so much energy, Don’t get me started on Goofys insane shield and Blinding and speed increase, And with kimpossible coming soon with her stupidly insane healing, damage and energy gain balance is literally not even present in characters in this game, I miss being able to use characters see how they synergize but now it’s all about how strong a character is and there insane damage and skills… They really have to make this game more balanced and less for whales and more friendly to Free To Plays like me or this’ll become a mess…


Fully agreed. Balance updates need to be a thing. I was just looking through my roster at HP and armor/reality stats of old heroes vs new, and its absurd how at the same badge rank and stars and levels, a year old hero can take maybe 1/3 the damage a month old hero can before dying.

Old damage roll heroes sit around the 100,000 hp mark at 130/08/6*. Ducky and Bunny and Beast sit around 300,000 at the same level, AND they have insanely powerful self heals.


I agree. I find it incredibly disrespectful too how Perblue remains completely silent during all these latest pleas we’ve been giving them. I used to be excited every time a new Patch note was dropped, but nowadays I almost dread them. Because it’s either a new cap increase or a new Overpowered Hero that will completely diminish my chance to ever be able to compete in Arena and Colisseum and even Surge and City Watch. Or it will be another way to actually lower the already insultingly low rewards we’re getting for the weekly quests and contests.


I agree…Characters that should be priorty one are buzz genie Sully…They are pretty cool characters that should he at least use able…But before they stop adding heros…Just add dr.facilier

He is actually pretty decent. He doesn’t really need working on

Buzz’s skill set is great, he could just do with his stats beefing up a bit I think


It sounds confusing. It’s two different ideas.

I think they wanted them to add Facilier before they stop adding heroes… though I doubt they will stop adding heroes till this game is dead. It’s definitely going in a bad direction though. Has been for months.


His skills at level 100 doing as much damage as ducky and bunnies at level 9

That doesn’t mean Buzz is behind, it means D&B is too OP and broken

Ik but we know D&B wont be fixed so they might as well just make buzz op to

No… better to downgrade D&B than buff Buzz

Whenever someone brings up a nerf, a common complaint is that people have invested time and money into characters and for them to be nerfed is not fair.

Well, people have spent a lot of time and money on older characters that are now pointless and essentially nerfed. Are the new characters op?.. Yes but at this point it would probably be better for the game and community to buff a lot of the old crew.

In the Quorra incident, yes, that was very true. But asking for D&B to be nerfed because their skillset is entirely stupid, no one has objected.