Invalid Loot on Invasion


Invasion just opened up for the day on server 1 and I’m having an issue collecting my rewards for bosses that have been beaten. When I attempt to collect the reward it looks as if I’m collecting it and then a banner comes up saying invalid loot and I’m unable to store it. Also chat feed not working completely and it’s not showing guild members boss bots in guild mode. Any help would be great thanks.


For the invalid loot error - restart the game and you should be able to collect the boss rewards with no further issues.

If you have a sceenshot of the chat feed, that would be helpful for me.


Thank you for reaching back out so quickly! The restart did help the error and the chat is working better. (The chat is helpful when attacking bosses so not to jump into a fight that someone may be setting their lineup for that had just attempted.)
It seems I still cannot see to attack other guild member boss bots though. I will attach a screenshot. It shows my boss and the clans but that is all. The feed shows others are playing but no bosses shown for them. Thanks!