Invasion Changes for Servers 23-24 - May 10

Starting with today’s invasion, servers 23 and 24 will have access to all tiers of progress rewards. Also, Mods can be leveled up and improved further!


only on servers 23 and 24?

All other servers have all tiers of progress rewards (I didn’t even know S23 and S24 did not!)

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S23-24 were capped at 25 tiers with no mod upgrades or bits and reduced rewards up until today.


Funny. F2P players on those servers are finally getting a chance at Mod Upgrades after being available only for P2Ws.

Anyway, Mods still need some way of catching up with the level of hero or the rank or something. 63k BD/SP and 630k HP is nothing in the oldest servers.

I hope for new Invasion tiers as well. But don´t increase the enhancement beyond +11!!!


Wow, that must have been really bad…

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You meant Mobs? Or was it meant to be there? :?


Mods… modifications… bonuses you equip to a hero.

Alright, I was confused. :confused:

Who knows what

I’m on 24 … it sucked

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Is because i am in server 24 and only has 25 tier and no 65, and don’t give the modifications updates

It sucks stay in server 24 i want to stay in 1!

Yeah, it sucks

Yay ^-^ :)thanks polaris

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