Invasion help

Which team are you using for this invasion? I am not managing to make almost any progress

Use Meg I guess

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She dies too

What disks do your heroes have?

Pleakey (ju), animal(go), louie(an), mr. incredible(el) angel doesn’t have a disc yet because I don’t use it

  1. King Louie needs the Peter Pan disk, not the Animal disk.
  2. How many stars do you have on the other disks?

Pleakey 3, and the other 4

Blue invasion is always burns tons of revives

You can try using invincible. Sometimes he won’t die but often he still will.

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I started using this, I am getting through it

Of course he’ll die eventually as the robot gets more powerful.
You need to use invincibles for the first beam. Then you should add Stitch [Maui] so the robot gets slowed down enough for it to don’t attack again. Loui or Drakken might work as well if you don’t have Stitch


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