Invasion lasting too long?

Does anyone else think invasions last too long now?
It’s easy to get to max tier very quickly and there’s no real point in going any further as the rewards for coming high in rankings aren’t great.
Should they shorten invasions or increase rewards?

Two invasions in a week would be a nice enhancement, personally. One from Monday afternoon/evening to Thursday afternoon/evening and the other one from Friday morning till Monday morning.

the number of tiers and progress rewards would have to be reduced a lot for that to work :stuck_out_tongue: i know a ton of people who can’t really work on it during the week, but smash through as many tiers as they can on friday night / saturday morning. If there would 2 invasions they’d potentially miss out on an entire set of rewards


Increase rewards. Probably for disk power, gold, memory tokens and XP drinks. For upgrades, only some heroes can apply the upgrade as it is useful for them only.

No it’s not long and ranks rewards are great… thanks
Not everyone on worldwide can play same days so it’s perfect as it is

when you hit brekers high level, it gives alot gold… after reach tier rewards maybe only gold from breakers that interesting

to make invasion more interesting, maybe just get rid toon that make huge damage like Gizmo lol… so the gap between player not too wide, look now… 1st rank got 200 milion points haha… even 1 single player poin equal to 5 guild point together…

when the gap not wide, i believe player will compete each other :slight_smile:

quite a wrong assumption… the real reason is not being “competitive enough” but rather that after progress rewards are achieved there´s not much to compete for

unless few Ks of mod power are enough for you to “push”… and use your time

generally, rewards are quite low in terms of mod power and upgrades, mainly

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