Invasion on weekends

I just don’t understand why the invasion doesn’t go on weekends when it could get the most attention i would feel like.

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I also think that invasion should be on weekends. But the game may overload and the servers may even crash due to heavy responses from many players. Another reason why is because with the current tweaks, gamers are still equally competitive but now points are easier to get due to the system change. And if the change is effective, the less active ones may be demoted heavily.

P. S (Don’t fret! I have my planned invasion. You can go check it out.) Don’t flag me!

I think the reason they don’t do invasion on weekends is because of contests, so we have a competition already settled. I honestly think that invasions going from Monday-Friday is pretty fine.


I think what they can do is end it the same time as contests end on Monday and restart the normal time a few hours later. Then maybe they can change the contests up a bit like for a guild contest score x amount of points in invasion. Feel with people working, sometimes they don’t have the time to be on except weekends and before/after work.

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