Invasion Team Blue Server 21

Any suggestions on best teams for this invasion ?

Alot of people are struggling with no healer

Server 21

Any help greatly appreciated

If you star up Duke’s Woody disk, he turns into a solid team healer for blue invasion.

He is not on server 21

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Does server 21 have all of these heroes and disks available? It will allow me to better recommend a team.

Bo (Wo)
Meg (Sh)
Buzz (Zu)
D&B (Me)
Stitch (Ma)
Herc (disk doesn’t really matter)


Not sure who’s d&b but dont think I’ve seen that on server 21

D&B is Ducky & Bunny and their preferred disk is with Merlin.

Nope we ain’t got ducky and bunny yet, got Merlin tho

Alright, yeah, with who you have available, Blue Invasion is going to suck for awhile. Note that it does eventually turn around as Blue is actually my favorite Invasion color right now.

Here is what I would recommend you use for now (specifically for bots, but my breaker team is usually pretty close to my bot team):

First things first, don’t use Auto with this team. You also probably don’t want to use Auto for Yellow. At the beginning, Red was the only Invasion that allowed you to use Auto and still do well.

1 - Front Damage Absorber - Herc. The disk doesn’t really matter, he’s here for his white skill, but I prefer the Meg disk for the max HP boost, and the skill power boost also allows him to help do some damage. Spam his white skill all fight and he’ll absorb all of the bot damage and stay alive.

2 - Main bot damage source - Buzz with Zurg disk with lots of stars, it boosts his attack speed a lot and turns him into a laser machine gun. Never trigger Buzz, his white skill doesn’t do enough damage to justify him not sitting there in machine gun mode. If you keep the creeps out of the way, he’ll do major damage to the bot.

3a - Disrupt the bot - Stitch with Maui disk is great for slowing the bot down. A slow bot doesn’t shoot you very often and it also doesn’t drop creeps very often, which allows Buzz to do more damage. Activate Stitch’s white skill when the bot drops creeps with the skeleton in front, this will kill the skeleton quickly ensuring that less fantastic damage is wasted on the fantastic immune skeleton. While not an activated skill, he also has a skill that deals fantastic damage that can help kill the brute creeps.
3b - You could also use Jafar to slow the bot. Another cool trick with Jafar and Buzz is that if you time it perfectly, you can immobilize the bot for the remainder of the fight. To do this, there needs to be no creeps on the board, then you need to spam Jafar’s button even though it won’t let you activate it. If you catch it at just the right time, Buzz puts a bubble on the bot, which momentarily allows Jafar to trigger, targeting the bot in the bubble. When this happens, the bot doesn’t do anything for the rest of the fight. I never got this to happen, but several of my guildmates did and the one guy could do it almost every fight (but all of his heroes are fully maxed). Jafar can’t kill skeletons, so Buzz needs to take care of them himself (Herc is too far forward to hit them). Jafar also doesn’t have a white skill that does a large amount of fantastic damage, so he can’t be used to quickly clear brutes, but he is another source of fantastic damage, so he at least helps kill brutes.

4 - If you go with Stitch for #3, then a remaining need is a hero with a white skill that does lots of fantastic damage. Activate this hero when the bot drops creeps with the brute in front. This hero ends up being less than optimal but the best available to you for this role right now is probably either Elsa or Vanellope. Ducky and Bunny is ideal for this role when they release on your server.

5 - There’s lots of things you could do with this slot. You could use Woody (Buzz disk or no disk, don’t want the starting pull from Jessie disk) for a speed boost. You could use two heroes in the #4 role to ensure you can always quickly kill brutes. Ideally, I’d look for a self healer that gets placed between Herc and Stitch, but I don’t think one is available to you (note D&B also fills this role).

Other notes:

There was also a Zurg based team back in the early days, but I wasn’t a fan as once Zurg’s energy has depleted, you’re pretty much dead in the water as his energy takes too long to fill back up after that.

Some people have tried using Meg linked with Genie as a source of team healing for breaker fights.

Another way to do team healing is having Olaf out front. This allows Felix to go behind Olaf (unfortunately, Felix goes in front of Herc).

Well, this turned into a novel, hopefully you can learn something from it regarding Invasion strategy. Have fun.

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Thank you for that!

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