Invasion Tokens

It hurts so much seeing them go :sob: also my best progress so far in invasion :grin:


Let me guess… Gizmoduck?

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Psssssst :grin::grin:

Don’t tell em :shushing_face::joy:

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Who offers a higher bot? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Still unintended. Let me guess… That 59285 lvl boss goes down in 2-3 hits.

Dang…59285 OMg…

Nope King Coco a.k.a @Zreyder was wiping it in 1, actually more like 1 breaker per bot per second :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh mY …thats reall great!!!.
I have never seen 1k+ bot…in any guild i ve been

59k Bot…Is :scream::scream:

Broken still.

I even broke my breaker level record from 2500 previously. I almost managed to double the numbers, it took quiet a lot of time that week tho haha.


…Thats alot…Me also brole my high breaker quest …460 something

Ur doing great…For Me its unimaginablee.
If u dont mind…Can u tell me wut team ur using?

Too low


Thats extreemly impressive - well done! I can only imagine the time that took - quite the commitment.

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