iOS crashing after 1.7


I think we have given enough information do they not have a iPad or Mac in the office so they can reproduce the problem.

I don’t think any of us have a Mac so don’t have access to dev tools to see the stuff that they want


The reason we asked for player logs is because we haven’t been able to reproduce it on any of our devices.


Has uninstalling the program and reinstalling it worked for anyone?


Nope tried that twice


My game is crashing, so I figured I would try to help you guys out. So I always use Sulley and Boo, Moana, EVE, Kevin Flynn, and Felix(who holds the Frozone badge thing). It crashes whenever I’m about to enter ANY battle. And more recently I was viewing my characters, it froze, and then crashed. I hope I was of some assistance. I have noticed that most of the time when I’m ready to go into battle with either a Ralph or a Sulley and Boo, it crashes. Hope I helped :grinning:. I use an iPhone 6+ and I’m on Server 8.


Don’t think it has anything to do with heroes I have 3 accounts and I use different heroes on all 3 and crashes on all of them


I think that the uppermost satisfaction is - customer satisfaction !

You know why ppl are complaining ? Because there IS a reason. I play on both Apple and Android devices - I lost time, money and nerves. I even lost a whole gw (!) Because my atack crashes !!!

How annoying is that !!!

I herefore POLITELY ask you @Polaris pls make the nxt update safe to use on any p!atform, without the loss of data and profiles and to Providera a better a customer service even if this takes longer.


That was not terribly polite, Wild.

To address the problem, they need to identify the problem. A problem they haven’t been able to reproduce, and therefore can’t troubleshoot. They ask for data because they need data. This is not developer apathy. This is how things get fixed.

Sassing at the devs does not help.


Short Form - Please fix this mess


Well Cotza idc if the heroes isn’t it. They need all the information they can get so they can quickly resolve this matter. @Polaris is working as hard as he can to get this resolved.


Maybe if they just reset the game to when items were cheaper it would fix it. Ever since they raised the cost of everything the crashes started. Maybe it’s a sign of how they shouldn’t mess with the cost of items to supposedly improve game play.


Same account - and still crashes since their date today


Another way to help the devs

  • Settings
  • Privacy
  • Analytics
  • Analytics Data
  • Find DH crash logs

I could not find any only crashes that happend in 2018


Only Dbh is affected…Dont pull this on anybody else


Yeah I’ll take it back what I said deffo only this game. You tried doing what I said ?


Maybe the following piece of information might be relevant. I think I can prevent crashes if I restart my game every other minute. I’m not sure of it, but it looks like the game doesn’t crash in the first 2 minutes (or 3 or 4 ot whatever).


Awesome idea instead of crashing ever 2 or minutes we just restart it… just kidding - p.s that’s a pretty desperate measure


That way we can at least control when the game stops. Had 3 crashed coliseum matches today…


Has anyone tried a factory reset of their device? I don’t want to, but considering it. I’ve reinstalled the app a couple of times, forced closed everything, hard shutdown, etc. nothing seems to fix it. But then I know other iOS users are not having the issue, so I am wondering if a factory reset is needed to clear any bugs the update caused.

I’ve spent money on this game, and if that is what we have to do to fix it, I may. I hate throwing money out the window, but that is wha I am feeling like I did now.


Maybe worth a go I have been thinking of doing a factory reset just a pain to download everything again.