iOS crashing after 1.7


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It’s becoming more of a pain to play now with the constant crashing in battles mostly. Hopefully this gets something fixed soon, this is really a nice game to play, but when anything becomes more of a pain to play than fun people leave it.


It’s been quite here, but not because the problem is solved or because I’ve learned to live with it but because I know PerBlue working on it. But my patience is running short. Please prioritize this. I encourage everyone with a similar issue to state here that the problem still exists.


For the first time this morning Apple Iphone XS crashed - lost my war attack… Although it just sits on connecting screen and doesn’t crash per say - so there are no developer logs to send…


Game crashes most often when starting a battle with in a couple secconds of the start. Or the first couple seconds of a new wave. I had it crash during a war fight when the screen was transitioning to the victory sign. Game counted it as me closing the game so my victory wasn’t counted. I’m able to compleat maybe 1 out of ten attacks in the war or coliseum.
Other modes it has slightly better odds.


I have reinstalled the game. Made sure no other apps are open. Restarting the phone before making an attack. Even turning off Bluetooth access to my phone. Nothing has helped.


I am using a iPhone 5S with a 64GB capacity. It currently has 49GB of available space. And is running the most up to date iOS. AT&T is the carrier for it by I only play on WiFi. The WiFi in my house is 50mb up and down fiber optic networks.


This was the team I was attacking the last time it crashed. Crashed within seconds of hitting the fight button. It never even changed screens.


happened to me today aswell - thems the breaks hopefully @polaris rewards us handsomly


Yep I get the same thing every so often it crashes and I am using atm an iPhone 6 Plus with lots of memory storage left. Still I get crashed before I even fight. Just one time I was gonna fight on war then as I went into the fight the app crashed and I lost the attack. This has also happened as the person said above with surge, campaign, arena and coliseum. @Polaris


Got iPhone 6s+ and same bug than u. I ll stop the game soon cause of this. I m boring


Crashes every 10 mins on My IPad Air, reported multiple times and no change, costing me and guild in, War Wins, Heist points, Arena and Coli Fights. Not to mention the Good, Exp, Badges etc this really is beyond a joke now!
Very poor implementation management and equally poor customer service to date,


No updates on the forums becoming a joke obviously something wrong with the last updates.

Only thing new was Darkwing Duck or Invasion on server 1 (could that affect other servers ?)


We might have found the cause for this issue. The team is doing some final testing, and if it’s good, we hope to submit the new client to the app stores by the end of the week. That means the update will happen early next week, pending review and approvals from the app stores. Thank you for being so patient!


That’s great news, thx for sharing @Polaris !!!


Thanks hopefully it works :pray:


Thanks for working on it. It would be wonderful to not crash all the time, I assume it’s some kind of graphics upgrade that was put into the game last patch.


Thanks @Polaris - great to hear. Fingers crossed it works - lets also cross our fingers we get some special reward for our trouble :stuck_out_tongue:


For a little while, the game stopped crashing in the coliseum, but now it’s back and it’s crashing every time I hit the fight button on the select heroes page. I’m also seeing a pattern in the guild wars. Every time I fight the enemy guild member, the game crashes during the third wave. This crash is really stopping me from helping out in the wars


I’m glad to see they have made some improvements to the game regarding iOS crashes. But my game is still crashing! Don’t get me wrong, it’s far less than it was before the 1.7.2 update, but it is still crashing. Since I updated to 1.7.2, I have seen it crash three times: It crashed during a Surge fight, later during a friendship campaign fight, and a third time when hitting the fight button to start one of those friendship fights. I really hope this doesn’t continue to seriously affect my ability to play.