iOS crashing after 1.7


Yes, thanks for the update and it’s running a lot better, I am still crashing when doing collesium battles, but overall running much better


Thanks for the update. I will be passing these details along to the team so they can continue working on it. Glad to hear it’s improved!


Sorry to say this @Polaris
Update didnt work on my ios :frowning:
Still crashing


Still crashing on iphone 7


Still crashing in gw and coli haha


It’s been improved by a great deal, but the game still crashes from time to time.


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We have a player in our guild that is still reporting issues after having just updated.

Just tagging this thread for future updates.

Thanks for the work done on this issue thus far.


Got a reply back from support in game from Jonathon and he said the update was supposed to fix the crashing issue but it hasn’t so we have to be patient again while they try to fix the problem


Yes, we are continuing to work on this.


I can report that’s mine is crashing as well even after new update


Same here…still crashing after the update.


What device and iOS are you guys using? I have the game on my iPad and iPhone XS and have like one of the newer iOS, but the game is working fine for me?


I have iPhone 7 think the game only works on the brand new devices, seems to be only older devices that it’s affected.


Still crashing…but way less…still frustrationing


We have a lead that we’re following. Stay hopeful!


Iphone 6 plus and lower i guess is the only affected one…

@Polaris also said, it “might” fix the problem after the update… so i expected this to happen…

Im useless to gw for a whole month again hayssssss
Thanks for the update…


Well I think my iPad is a year or two old so I don’t know.


I received a Message that the issue with ios devics will be Fixed tomorrow
Hold on to your accounts another update is coming…:dizzy_face:


I take back what I said when 1.7.2 came out. The update did not improve the crashing much. Still crashing on coliseum and arena battles, forcing me to lose them. Here’s to hoping for the next update