Is Basil got untargetable for some skills due to size decrease?

Hey, is that only me or someone else experienced same issue when fighting Basil my heroes miss him completely with most skills after he got size reduction. I know he has evasion but I see often especially in cw or surge that DoT team melts all opponents hp but he stands aside unaffected, mulan’s rocket misses him when evasion kicks in but then she follows with her ult and he stands unaffected again, using blind team and Honey lemon and she kills all front but he stands like at rear back unreachable. I think it happens only when all heroes moving to centre of screen towards opponent and he stays at the very back. So basically I forced to use knock back heroes to make the fight happening at right side of screen. Please comment if you see something similar happening to you

…you mean his blue skill?


He has none :eye:
And dodge has stupidly long CD.

DoT can be ignored by Hardy stacks.

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