Is it possible to make full use of a five star Walle[Kevin] friendship disk?

For those that arent familiar with this disk it raises the max energy of your team by 200 up to 1000. How is it possible for a hero to take full advantage of that extra 1000 max energy?

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They can use their active 2 times in a row

That’s what happens if you get 2000 energy, but how do you get 2000 energy in the first place? Even with conservation theres no way you regain energy that fast.

Hmm I just realized that this disk is probably best on manual than on auto :woozy_face:


It is…

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This is a great question!

This disk was originally designed to take advantage of WALL-E’s Solar Power, which was one of the earliest ways a character can give give a burst of energy. But now, there are many many ways to get excessive amounts of energy very quickly. Having WALL-E around while equipped with this disk maximizes the usage of energy.

You see, when a hero KO’s an enemy, they get 300 Energy as a reward. At times, this is enough to max out energy. But when a hero activates their White Skill, they go back down to Zero Energy. But with this disk at hand, WALL-E’s teammates get to keep whatever excess Energy they would have gained if they exceeded 1000 Energy.

For example: A Hero has 900 Energy. They KO an enemy which gives them 100 Energy to reach max, so they use their skill and go back down to Zero. Without WALL-E, this will be the case. But with WALL-E, they will still gain the full 300 Energy to reach 1200 Energy at max. They will immediately use their skill but will end up retaining the 200 excess Energy!

As you can imagine, it technically becomes possible for a character to reach 2000 max Energy with this disk. This is typically only possible in game modes where you can play manually (like Guild Wars). However, some heroes like Maui can hold on to 2000 Energy if he doesn’t have access to his Shark Bite yet (because his closest target has yet to reach the threshold).

This disk is very useful for characters that earn Energy very quickly and often in excess. This includes Elsa (with Red Skill), Miss Piggy (with Queen of Hearts disk), and Launchpad.


Thanks for the response, I realized that this disk is probably not best on auto and also that there are other modes than PvP :sweat_smile:


Active always cost 1000 energy.

  • With 2000 energy you can use white skill twice in row.
  • You gain energy same as first 1000, up to 2000.
  • With good conservation you can use (almost, or enough) three/four (Yax) times in row.
  • Overall, you deal more damage, heal more or give few stacks of same buffs like Animal’s buff of speed attack and 100k BD(200k bonus with Walle)



Yeah my mistake was assuming this disk works on auto.


Ya sadly since PerBlue would rather give us new OP heroes then some love on the older ones Walle wont be useful.


His disk is still VERY unique.
And he will work good with Kida.


This disc is very useful in city watch. I usually bring him along with other OP heroes for charging energy at 2 first areas. And absolutely this disc is not good with auto mode.

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That’s a really good idea! I’ve been using this ever since lol

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