Is this a good team

Hi so I started a new account on server 22 and I got some heroes from 10x diamond crates and I was wondering if my team is good and if it isn’t if you could give me some advice on how to improve it

Chef and Esmeralda are very good heroes.

Moana needs to be maxed (rank) to work well.

Genie only works well with Timon, Linguini, Fairy, and soon Ariel. Also red skill is required.

EVE is trash.


Any recommendations for heroes I should use instead

Post your heroes. Idk which you own.

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These are my heros

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Shego is a must.


Fred and Mr. BIG are also good choices.
Dash is very vood with red skill.

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Green is after yellow in the game?
Btw, maybe it is a good team, but idk.



? No green is after White and before blue so it is nowhere near yellow rank also I’m level 32 wouldn’t be able to have a yellow rank yet

Update on team:all heroes are blue and above

Russel is a good idea to replace Genie, a good healer is a game changer at early levels and Genie is only able to with his white (which can’t even target himself).

Moana can be replaced with Wasabi, Shego, or Mulan. Wasabi only targets enemies in front of him and doesn’t have much to sustain himself with, but ignores armor/reality with his True damage. Shego’s white deals big damage to everyone, though her other skills are kinda ehh outside of invasion bosses (which you won’t have to worry about for a while). Mulan is a little more dated, but her green can be a big help and once you have her blue she protects herself better than the other two.

Sorry i forgot

You have alot of good heroes that you haven’t used lol

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