Is this a good team?

This is my current defense for war.

Currently, the history is that most enemies can’t take out my team in a clean sweep. But I am planning on using a balance of controls and supports, because of the following reasons:

  1. The fact that I have a lot of megabits to use for battle badges (maybe I can use my current heroes and stop battling in Codebase)

  2. The heroes that I’m using compared to my enemies and my guildmates are a bit outdated (ie. Ian is a control that some might use)

I planned on using Timon and Pumbaa, Kristoff and Sven or the newly released Ariel as support and Ian as the control

I need a bit of an insight for these heroes. Your help would be appreciated

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Looks good, but the second team is the best

Maybe replace elsa? Or do you have no more good freezers?

Frozone is my next best, though his freezes are not what I prefer (it’s quite short). Kristoff and Sven may possibly have a shot cause their freezes duration can increase. And Mr Big can help Kristoff. The only problem is to charge the badge, they both need 5 frozen enemies (doesn’t matter who, as long as they are frozen, should be counted already)

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If you have anybody that can give allies a lot of quick energy built up, use them (I’d say instead of Beast). Good choice would be Jim, he gives allies 300 energy at the start of the battle and gives them a 60 energy energise. He’ll also help Mr Big’s damage greatly with his white skill.

So essentially, those who have energize are a possible choice. If following this, would WALL-E (maybe Jafar) be a good choice?

Should I also choose someone fast?

I think elsa/kristoff combo is good. I used it on my old account and the entire enemy team stayed frozen the entire time. It counters pretty much anything. My old account team was Gerald, marlin, and Nemo, Kristoff, elsa, Ian, and Swedish chef.

At orange it took out r16 teams

Thanks for the recommendation.

Kristoff also can increase slow durations. Who should I replace if I want to keep Animal?

I’d replace beast. He isn’t good at higher levels

I would also take Felix off ur second team and use a better tank like Swedish chef or fred


works with powerline and HL for a synergy

Ok, I don’t really know Felix teams that well

What kind of heroes would be recommended then? To replace beast?

Kristoff for the Elsa/kristoff combo

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