Is Upgrading from Purple 2 to Purple 3 worth it?


I’ve noticed when upgrading a few of my heroes from p2 to p3, they have lost power, the badges in p3 appear to not offer perks more powerful than the p2 badges, would love to hear your thoughts on the matter anr whether it is still worth upgrading to!



Ultimately a fully upgraded p3 is better than a p2…
With that being said you see less power because you had a full badged hero, possibly even fully upgraded, so going from p2 to p3 is going to drop power…
Fully upgraded P2> Brand new P3
Fully upgraded P2 = Fully badged P3
Fully upgraded P3 > Fully upgraded P2

My suggestion is to not waste gold on upgrading badges unless you are somewhat a p2p player (over $100 per month at a minimum) you will need it past lvl 90, if you do upgrade then skip every other promotion, so only go from P2 to P4 and then to 01 if you upgrade all badges…

All this is my opinion tho


Loss in power definitely is because of ehancements that you lose when you rank up.

And if it’s worth it? Often it’s just… not. You can take a look at the hero’s badges required at all ranks and compare. I remember when I began the game, I didn’t want to rank up my Yax. It was simply because he had a good amount of bonus healing, and on the next badge set he didn’t have any.

And it doesn’t fare much better on later levels. My poor Maleficent on O1… What do I get for ranking up her to O2? Mostly BASIC DAMAGE RELATED STUFF. Damage, armor negation and normal crit. I don’t need that on a control hero with skill power dependant nuke! Currently I’m able to upgrade her defensive stats significantly, and I lose all that once I rank up. For that exchange to be worth it, I’d have to jump immediately to O3, which is not happening because of the scale of that investment.