It's Sunday and my ports and trials aren't open


Only one is and it says it’s supposed to open tomorrow. My guild mates say theirs are open. Yes I sent this to support.

  1. What’s the Time Zone in your country?

  2. Is the in-game Time Zone correct?

If you have made sure of these 2, consider getting an in-game Support Ticket.


Me 2. I think it has to do with dst happening in NA, maybe they will drop in an hour


Is it daylight saving time in your countries? We don’t practice it here so we don’t have issues with Port and Trials…


Yeessss please fix trials are not all open and stamina prices etc have not reset SERVER 1


I said I sent a support ticket. I am in the USA in Florida. I thought maybe it would open later due to DS but it’s still not open.


I thought so cause even our surge ran an hour late but mine are still not open


That’s weird then. I also live in Florida, and all of mine are open. :confused:


My ports and trials just now opened.
Edit: closed my support ticket as well