Jack Sparrow energy bug?


I believe this is a bug, but wanted to see if anybody else could confirm.

For a City Watch, I fought manually and hired Jack Sparrow. I coupled him with my four worst heroes. At the end of the first Round, he had enough energy to proc and then kill everybody.

However, he did not use his energy, and he never did. Rounds 2-15, the Round would start, he’d proc with the Black Pearl, kill everybody, and not lose energy.

Is this a bug, or is he really that OP that he generates full energy between every City Watch round?


Normal or hard mode?


Well first off, if it was normal, then he would gain enetgy as all characters do. But, it is not uncommon for my Nick to fill his white skill by drstroying the enemy.

You gain a of energy when KOing an enemy. Soo this is not a bug I do not think.


If I remember correctly everytime you KO an enemy the hero who gets the last hit gets about 300 energy. With a skill taking 1000 energy all you need to do is kill 3 enemies and a little damage to fully charge again. This is the same with any hero like Quorra, Mike, Maleficent, etc. Throw in some conservation and you have white skills that can chain into themselves so it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

Edit: The only exception to this is when facing a team with Ursula, as she denies energy gained on KO thanks to her Purple.



It sounds like it’s normal then… if he killed all 5 every round then he regained the energy so it never looked like he lost any (round would end full).

I just didn’t know they earned so much from KO!



I dont belive that jack sparrow could kill all lvl 4 and lvl 5 in cw hard…

Baymax, sulley, mickey mouse, olaf, jack sparrow would dominate cw… my wife win it every single day in hard mode, she even have 20 raids tickets now haha