Jack Sparrow´s red skill - hit or miss?

I already stated my concern regarding Jack Sparrow´s red skill in 2.4 Patch Notes, but let´s dig a bit deeper into it.

So, Jack gains 50% more energy if he has a shield. Considering how long the team shields usually last (since he doesn´t have one naturally), the gain is pretty shallow.

More cannonballs for Avast! - Not bad, but considering there are many characters that will just shut him up 3-4 seconds into the battle it becomes pretty useless.

Stat boosts - added Basic Damage, Normal Crit and more damage to Avast!
Regarding them, I don´t see why the Basic Damage was not added to Hearty Crew instead, where it would benefit Jack and his allies alike, making him more of a team player.
That in itself eliminates the need for more damage for Avast! since Basic Damage increases that.
Normal Crit is already decent on Jack.

Best would be to swap the Normal Crit with Evasion stats (at something like stable 50% Evasion against enemies of the associated Red Skill level, so 171 Evasion at level 1).
The more damage to Avast! could be swapped for reduction of Acting Dodgy cooldown a bit more. Since with Barbossa disk the cooldown is 3 seconds, the Red Skill could shorten the cooldown by (0.5 + 0.01 x level) seconds. 2.49 at level 1, 2.48 at level 2 etc.
The cooldown reduction could be capped at red skill level 100 (when level 220 cap is introduced), thus staying at 1.5 seconds.

What do you think about Jack´s red skill? Are you satisfied with it or did you expect more?

If we get any form of Jack Sparrow refresh, this post might be a decent inspiration @Polaris. He really deserves it, since other Pirates are either great or were refreshed (Tia).

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Well… the blue skill does involve sacrifice :neutral_face:

BD give (Hearty Crew) is his purple skill, given at the start of the wave.

Oh yeah. Sry.

Anyways, you can always use Nick :man_shrugging:

Nick gives a truckload of SP, not BD.

Sparrow uses that SP to create BD. Problem solved.

It´s not a problem. But how come Red Skill of a character goes against the character´s nature?

Also, not entirely sure on how or IF it stacks that way. @Polaris could you help?

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