Jasmine and Triton


Princess Jasmine added to Aladdin group. Triton added for Ursula. I like the idea given for villaintines day, features thd villians again.


Well, Triton has problems on land, Jasmine has problems in a fight. What can they actually do in this game?


I might see Jasmin but not much


Hold up a minute!!! Jasmine could be a fighter!! Did you see her kicking butt In Aladdin 3?

First she KO’d someone with ONE PUNCH at her wedding, then when they were on the vanishing isle she took out two one with a kick the other with a punch. I made a design for her as an in game character.

I also made one for her father :wink:

As for triton, Maybe he could give himself legs…XD


Heroes that need water … The game is a program code. Since heroes are consisting of a code, then all the water characters can swim in it as in the home environment habitat :wink::sunglasses: