Jasmine team

Does anyone have a good team that includes jasmine?

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Rafiki (ja), joy (ol), ducky bunny (me), merlin (ge) and jasmine (al).

This team is all based on buffing each other to the max and not dying. Also super high armour and reality, skill power etc. Rafiki will also buff jasmine’s base damage and armour.

Give jasmine BD mods, give ducky bunny skill power mods, give rafiki either or both skill and base damage mods, give joy skill mods and give merlin whatever you like. Also make sure to add to rafiki and joy’s purple skills with the mod upgrades.

Note that this team only works with all discs. Try to 5 star ducky bunny and rafiki’s disc first for great heals. And joy is great too for super high armour and reality at the start of the battle. If joy’s disc is 5 stars and level 70 and her purple skill is level 70 you start with about 40k bonus armour and reality for the whole team at the start of the battle which will get up to 80k. (Or higher if the disc and purple skill are higher.)

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Ok. Thanks!

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