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There are too much shield counters in the game, so I would like to give an Idea(or try to give one) on how to balance things out! Feel Free to leave any feedback and correct any mistakes!


Josuke is a 1 Star Frontline Tank Hero, whose Trial Team is Red.

Healing allies with the same intensity he punches enemies, Josuke will show them why diamonds are said to be unbreakable.

“What did you just say about my hair!?”

Source: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable.
Mastery Collections: Tank, Healing, Shields, Stun.
Entrance: Walks into position, adjusts his hair and summons Crazy Diamond.


Defeat: Crazy Diamond vanishes while Josuke kicks the ground in anger.
Basic Attack: Punches enemies with Crazy Diamond.


:white_circle: Distorted Restoration

  • Passive: Right after doing his normal basic attack, Josuke will punch the ally with the least HP, healing them for Y HP. Josuke cannot heal himself with this skill. Josuke gains Y Armor and Y Reality whenever he heals an ally.

  • Active: Crazy Diamond punches the ground in front of him multiple times, distorting it, which creates a barrier, applying a Shield with X HP for 15 seconds to all frontline allies and Josuke. Also, when Josuke uses this skill, nearby enemies will be Petrified. Petrified has the same effects of Frozen, but Petrified enemies are only released after being dealt X damage, and then are stunned for 10 seconds.

:green_circle: Entropy & Enthalpy :fist: Normal Damage
Each 4 basic attacks, Josuke goes after the Hero with the least HP, and punches them 5 times. If it’s an ally, they are healed by Y HP per punch, if it’s an enemy, they are dealt Y damage per punch. This skill will heal 10% more or deal 10% more damage per Armor and Reality buff Josuke has.

:large_blue_circle: Shine On You
All shields in your field gain 10% Damage Negation per Armor and Reality buff Josuke has, up to 50%. Damage that was initially done to a shield cannot be done to Josuke and his allies. Once every 5 seconds, when a shield is destroyed or vanishes, Josuke can restore it with X Extra Max HP.

:purple_circle: Crazy Diamond
When Josuke reaches 1 HP, he hears an enemy insulting his hair, which makes him Berserk for 12 seconds. While Berserk, Josuke cannot flinch, gains X Basic Damage, +75% Attack Speed, can’t heal allies and will punch enemies 10 times with Entropy & Enthalpy . Berserk applied by this skill cannot be Removed, Stolen or blocked by Fatigue.

:red_circle: Diamond is Unbreakable
All shields on your side of the field also gain the Armor and Reality buffs granted to Josuke by Distorted Restoration’s passive.
While Berserk, Josuke cannot be disabled. Whenever a disable is blocked by this skill, the Berserk’s length is extended by 2 seconds.
The Armor and Reality buffs granted by Distorted Restoration cannot be removed or stolen, nor blocked by Fatigue.
The Armor and Reality buffs’ immunity might fail if Josuke is above level Z.

Additional Stat Boosts:

  • +Z Basic Damage
  • +Z Skill Power per Armor and Reality Buff on Josuke
  • +Z Max HP

X= Varies with Skill Power; Y= Varies with Basic Damage; Z= Only varies with Level.

Battle Badge

Is Charged In Battle When: A Berserk Buff on this Hero is about to end.

  • Stat Buff: +Z Basic Damage
  • Lineup Buff: +Z Skill Power per Support Role Ally
  • Effect Buff: Berserk with Crazy Diamond’s protection for 10 seconds.


Josuke Higashikata + Josuke Higashikata(Part 8)


  • Campaign: Do I know you?: They are both named Josuke, both are japanese descendants of the Joestar family and yet, they never heard of each other. Hat Josuke is now even more confused about his identity than before, so he and Hair Josuke are going to interrogate his father: Joseph Joestar.
  • Allies: Joseph Joestar, Nick Wilde, Jobin Higashikata
  • Disk Name: Interdimensional Family
  • Level Effect: +Z Basic Damage to Josuke and Red Team allies; +X Skill Power to Red Team allies.
  • Star Effect: Josuke’s basic attack can now remove up to 1(+1 per star) buff(s) from the enemies it hits, and then apply to the allies he heals. If Josuke is Berserk, instead of applying it to an ally, he applies to himself Armor and Reality buffs as if applied by Distorted Restoration. While Berserk, Josuke will heal himself by 1% of his Max HP(+1% per star) per second per Armor and Reality Buff he has.

Josuke Higashikata + Jim Hawkins

  • Campaign: A Favor, for Another: Jim’s Solar Surfer was damaged in an accident, and Josuke, who was just a passerby, uses his powers to restore it. Grateful, Jim offers to Josuke a ride in it around The City.
  • Allies: Fairy Godmother, Slinky Dog, Fear.
  • Disk Name: Ignored Speed Limit
  • Level Effect: +Z Armor and Z Reality to shields applied by Josuke and his allies.
  • Star Effect: Josuke and his allies are Energized while Shielded or Berserk. Allies Energized by Josuke gain 15(+15 per star) energy when they do a basic attack. Energized allies gain +5%(+5% per star) Damage Negation for 10 seconds when they use their white skills. This Buff cannot stack.

Which Disk would you use?
  • Josuke(8)
  • Jim

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