Joy olaf disk on server 16

How the heck do you get past joy/ olaf disk? I have 2 damage mods, 2 hp mod, 1 skill mod on olaf, and mickey I have damage 1 mod and 1 skill mod. Both are maxed out on orange 04, as is joy. I dont really understand the programmers havingbtpuou try to kill a damn Sally, Zurg, and theif with a weak damaging olaf. WTF are they thinking? Been on this battle for 10 days, section 3.2. I’m almost at the point of un-installing the game. Losing the fun aspect of it fast.


For Joy

  • If you have Joy’s [An] Disc, equip it. This can help her and her Allies block Stuns from the Thief.
  • Upgrade all of her Skills, especially the Blue and Purple Skills.
    • Blue Skill because it Shields an Ally
    • Purple Skill because it gives Allies Reality, which is mainly dealt by Sally and Zurg
  • Joy doesn’t deal any damage, so trying to equip Basic Damage Mods won’t work. Instead, try equipping Skill Power Mods, since her Skills revolve around Skill Power.
  • Also, since Joy has higher Armor than Reality, try increasing Joy’s Reality by Equipping and Enhancing Badges that give Reality.

For Olaf

  • If you have Olaf’s [Mo] Disc, equip it.
    • The [Mo] Disc makes Frozen enemies take damage again if they are Frozen again. This will play out good if Olaf’s White Skill is triggered right after his Freeze-Dodge
  • Upgrade all of his Skills, especially his White, Blue, and Purple Skills
    • White and Blue Skills because it helps him heal
    • Purple Skill because it slows down Frozen Enemies
  • Try Equipping 1 HP Mod, 1 BD Mod, and 2 SP Mods.
  • Also, since Olaf has lower Armor than Reality, which is mainly dealt by the Thief, try increasing his Armor by Equipping and Enhancing Badges that give Armor.

For Mickey

  • If you have Mickey’s [Su] Disc, equip it.
    • Mickey’s [Ja] Disc is useless until after Chapter 5.
    • Mickey’s specialty is healing, so equipping the [Su] Disc helps him in increasing it.
  • Upgrade all of his Skills, and I mean all of it.
    • White Skill because it helps him drop the “Tooned Up” on his allies, which increases the Damage done by Attacks
    • Green Skill because it gives Energy
    • Blue Skill because it heals
    • Purple Skill is connected to the White Skill because it also heals.
  • Try equipping Mickey 2 HP Mods, 1 BD Mod, and 1 SP Mod
  • Mickey has a pretty balanced Armor-Reality Ratio, but his Reality is still lower than Armor so try increasing his Reality by, once again, Equipping and Enhancing Badges that increase Reality.

I equipped everyone just as you said, still can not get past 3.2. I have decided to give up on it. I will just wait until we hit orange 05 or orange 06 and then retry on getting it. Counting today it is day 7 trying and I’m done wasting my time on it. Everytime I get an urge to try again I will play candy crush instead.


Moved up to level 114, everyone maxed out on mofs and gear and skill level, still cant get past the thief on level 3. Unbelievable…

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There are a few stages in this friend campaign that you can’t fight with auto turned on so that Olaf doesn’t use his white skill. If you’re stuck on a stage, fight it manually and only use the white skills for the non-Olaf toons, especially against the thief.

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Turn auto off

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I’m at 135 with R0 on Mickey and Olaf and I can’t get past 3-5 since the Sulley reboot makes it impossible to kill him since you don’t have nearly enough damage with Mickey and Olaf and add in Frozone freezing you and Mike stuns it’s impossible. Been stuck on it for about a week now. Any tips or will I just have to hope that 140 R1 will “solve” the issue?

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Like others say, don’t use olaf’s white skill. Also pump olaf with BD mods. And it’s also mostly luck, keep retrying the stage until you are lucky and olaf targets the right enemy.

Having same issues same aerver. Wow

How I’m I suppose to defeat a Mr incredible and a hatter on stage 1-4?
Feels inpossible I’ll try to aquire the moana disk or the Felix disk so I can beat them but in the mean time what outher suggestions you might give to help me
It feel like Olaf is powerless against this tanks like Mr incredible or the cc of hatter I make the fight even more inpossible

I put on a Moana disc. I think the stars were up to two or three.
And try white skills manually instead of auto.

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