Juan ( David Lopez)


Juan :medal_military::medal_military: hero

Sorce:David Lopez



Entrance: rides lawn mower to his position

Victory: dances

Defeat:gets tortea thrown at him

Basic attack: hits opponent with shovel

White skill hot souse: fires hot souse at an opponent blinding and burning them for 7 seconds

Green skill when you think you hear a fire alarm : Juan turns radio on which gives allies boosted stats and Makes a puddle on the floor for opponents to slip on

Blue skill do you wish your gardener was hot like me : charms 2 opponents for 5 seconds

Perple skill cool as flan : for every positive buff gain 79 energy

Red skill thay call me Juan : after a wave take all debuffs and turn them into buffs for Juan for the next wave


Juan/Jason voorhees

It’s bin a long time sence he saw Jason so thay take the day off duty to catch up

Item is
Bloody shovel
Perple skill and red skill now works for everyone on yore team and are 15% more effective

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Please stop doing rapidfire concepts. Especially of dead memes

He’s from a vine

Just stop making concepts of people or characters that are unrecognizable

How is he a unrecanizabil character

Here , how a bout this G.L.A.D.O.S is next

Who’s David Lopez?

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And who’s GLADOS?

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David Lopez a Chanel on YouTube who makes vines

Glados is from the portal franchise

GLaDOS is a robot and a main villain in a video game called Portal

Just pointing that out :grimacing:

Oh ok. I’ve never played Portal before. Thanks

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