Trying to pair these two but if Davy gets hit hard early, jumbo throws the experimental on the dead man’s chest.

Anyone know if this is a bug or intended and any good wayS to avoid it happening


Also, that isn’t much a problem, is it?

The chest doesn’t deal any damage so it’s pretty wasted move.

However, Megabot might be happy from this and take good advantage.


Note to self: once they’re both leveled up decently, test Jumba and Hiro together.


Auto correct good catch

Defenetly a good catch, since (Mrs) Jumbo is also a disney character (from Dumbo) :wink:


You can heal dead mans chest so i dont think its a bug

If your davy is your carry then you want all heals to him/his chest

But Jumba’s heal grants energy and basic damage, which is useless on Davy’s chest

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The basic damage could come in handy if Merlin turns the chest into a squirrel (yes, this can happen).

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Yes, but Merlin is no longer much of a threat as before

This isnt a problem, infact it’s kinda an advantage. Your heroes co-operation is a good sign. Take it from me, I know =o)

I think if the potion goes to Davy’s chest, then Davy gets the basic damage and energy, though it would be good if someone could do more testing on it to confirm exactly what does happen.

In the red, you can Jumba’s potion hitting Davy’s chest

The chest gains the energy

The chest has basic damage buff, while Davy does not


I would definitely send these screenshots over to support, if you haven’t already.

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