Keeping Mim Alive in Invasion

Hey guys,

I’m using a yellow invasion team of Mim, Elastigirl, Davy Jones, Stitch and Animal.
They do good damage against the boss but Mim often dies early on and then the team can’t deal enough without her.
Any suggestions on how to keep her alive?
Im open to any team member swaps.



stitch (ma) and invincibility

You could also swap Davy for Angel, what is he for anyway?

If you have a strong Maximus, he’s able to withstand the bot’s first laser, and most of the time he’ll be the target rather than Mim. (This team works better if you avoid using Quick Fight, unlike using Davy Jones to shield Mim, which generally only works if you use Quick Fight.)

Otherwise, as Phal suggests, you could use Angel, or even Megara or red-skilled Jim Hawkins, to keep Mim standing after that first laser shot.

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Yep. I just prefer Angel over Meg not to have to use revives every time.
Never thought about Jim but it should be about the same thing, right? Maybe even better due to free energy

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