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Hi, I’m stuck on a friendship battle in which Kermit, Gonzo and The Manticore are up against Slinky and Captain Hook.
Basically Slinky sticks his first shield up and it becomes a stalemate until I time out.
Is there any particular skill or disc for these three characters that I should focus on to get through Slinkys shields? I cant see anything in particular but maybe I’m missing it or a combo or something.
Thanks in advance!


Upgrade Manticore.
Choose Slinky as Manticore’s target, use her active and done.

As someone who just recently finished Kermit’s campaign, I can only say that the hardest part is not over for you :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

As for this fight, I passed it by upgrading Gonzo so fhat when he entered fight, he KOed Slinky Immediately, thus solve this problem

But later in this very campaign, in chap 5 or something, you will face Slinky again. This time it will be harder. So if you can, pls update Manticore a little bit. She doesnt need to be at max rank

I passed this with: Kermit-Gonzo at R10, Pggy at R8, Manticore at O3 and Mim at R0. All of them at lv 225. With 34 power-ups from Mission

1 more thing, pls dont forget to turn on the Muppet power-up event. It works in friend campaign too!!! Without it, I could never pass this one. Good luck, my friend

Wow r10 heroes… Its R3 friendship campaign, what about newer servers?
This IS a stupid campaign because even with 8power ups and supercharged muppets how you supposed to kill slinky?

In server 1, enenmies are at R15… consider yourself lucky you are from newer server

I saw you in the Bendy Video, great defense…

Anyway what they said… Target slinky and move Manticore up…

Also being in newer server isn’t all that good…

You saw me in one? Which one? :smiley:

Sorrry, not you @Yunno

Me? I havent made any video

Bendy is a DHBM Youtuber, in his video last Thursday you were in one of his videos and he attempted your defense 3 times. He is nutorious for finding weaknesses in defenses and yet you beat him multiple times!

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Wow!!! Really??? Could you send me that link pls?


Thank you very muchhhh. Will watch it now

I wish I was in your server though, new ones aren’t that good… I’m in platinum 2 arena and my top person is 01, everyone else has reds or 08s

No solo es slinky si no también la ladrona porque ella la atacan y se sigue curando hasta las gallinas de gonzo no la aturden

I agree, the thief has great tenacity…

I was able to pass this without promoting my The Manticore out of blue, but I’ve got a pretty decent Kermit and Gonzo; between that, the special event power-up, the friendship power-ups, and loading Gonzo up with SP mods (including one advanced to +5 and at level 60), I was finally able to get past the Slinky Dog stages. There were some later battles that took a bit of work and tricky timing, but since I’ve got a good Miss Piggy and an OK Mim, nothing was as hard for me as getting past those Slinks.

I’m sure this campaign is much, much easier with a Manticore that’s halfway decent, or even just somewhere in the orange ranks, but I just wanted to see if I could get through it without promoting her.

I made manticore Orange2 and hardly helps, im gonna try to load Gonzo with all spellpower mods tomorrow and if that wont work so probably will wait months to get lots of power ups from missions

what better disk than :frog:?

Even if it’s only one star, getting Manticore’s Mushu disk would be advisable, since the instant DoT will charge up her purple skill, adding power to her White Skill usage in terms of damage (basic damage based).

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