Kermit’s singing support bonus

Hey PB, just a heads up, this feature is broken. I bought 6 bonus stamina already (500 diamonds), and it only gave the normal amount. What’s ?% more supposed to mean? 0% more?

Text error.

It’s more fights in the arena and coli.


So I could randomly get more trial resets at any point in the day? Dailies are done with no additional chances so far. It specifically says in the main that you get ?% more with the buy more stamina feature.

That was a lie

They are given when the event starts in the game modes that have a little blue + next to them - in this case, it’s Arena & Coliseum fight chances. So no, random chances in other modes won’t appear during the day.

When there is a Bonus Stamina Buy event, the amount of the bonus is always specified in the buy stamina screen itself, so you can see exactly how much you’re getting. If there’s no bonus shown there, no bonus will be received. We just had one such event yesterday, so it’s fairly clear that the text has been copied or continued over and not correctly set up for the new event.

While this case isn’t particularly difficult to immediately see the error (even more so after buying 1 lot, let alone 6), a general rule of UX design is that you must assume that the user is either brand new to the system, or lacks any common sense. Including checking for bugs like this which could, in theory, cost people resources.

This is indeed a mistake on PB’s part that I would hope people might be compensated for.

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