Kim - Failure from 2019 in 2021

The only difference this refresh made was that Kim can insta KO enemies.

That is, if she can survive.

Something I came to remember is that older characters used to have percentages show how much their stats would increase, but got discontinued it seems so Kim Possible’s case we can’t accurately say how much they meant to increase her stats as such. (Been some patch note refreshes since they put percentages into the the refresh pointers).

Still here is Hiro’s refresh with his percentage stat boosts:

Here is Kim’s refresh page:

So yeah, we can’t as such say how much of an increase her stats were meant to get since unlike originally the percentages aren’t included.
If the percentages could be included again I think it would be appreciated Polaris, so that we know a bit more what to expect :-).

And yeah, what do we all as players think about this?


It’s garbage, and it never fixed her issues.

PB needs to get their game together, or else they won’t keep their game player base at all.


Well, I technically there kind of more so meant what do we think about PerBlue bring back percentage increases into the patch notes again :-).

And I agree that PerBlue have to change around how they do things if they want to keep their player base.

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The pressure is the highest on changing the Trial Badges (not even that much, just some bits) and adding one non-Team Trial with the 4th badge.

Then we can call the game somewhat fair.

I wouldn’t mind a 4th Team Trial though. Special, with all characters. Or Heroes/Villains

Base Stats

  • +4% Max HP
  • +10% Basic Damage (-200% of the White and Red Skill)
  • +20% Skill Power


Just like TV adverts…


Thanks BlackBOY and appreciate it :-).

And yeah, that’s not too good refresh improvements wise.
Definitely not exactly a refresh stat wise either even if that’s what PerBlue seem to have tried go for as they said they would give her higher damage.


Or shop offers.

Now XXL Cola for only hewringwoingqe (random word) money.

Not to me. I lost faith in the idea bad heroes can become good. So when Chesire is goinh to be in the poll, I’ll vote him in, to keep him viable, rather than trying bad heroes to become good. That didn’t work

Please don’t vote if you don’t really use her. She is worthless now, after the refresh

You all took this gamble choosing her you have no one to blame but yourselves refreshes are always a gamble could be bad like mim or great like darkwing meanwhile oogie and anger sit in the cob webs collecting dust I mean what they would have done to them would have made them better cause they were rather useless anyway

Yes. We, as a community, hired PB to refresh Kim because we trusted them to refresh her, but since PB did a bad job, it’s our fault :roll_eyes:

PerBlue is completely to blame. Not us.


Yeah. What we were expecting is that they will only add more stats to her and not remove some parts of her skills.


In all fairness, not all refreshes work. Look at Maui, after refresh…twice (if I remember correctly), he is still as useless as ever…

I like Kim personally. I didn’t work on her but still voted for her, hoping if she was good then I would focus on her. But now… lucky for me I only brought her to Purple 4…


Once, nobody so far got refreshed twice.
But seems like Kim will be the first…

And Maui’s worked well, but for first few moments after refresh.

Damage is better, but without evasion she does nothing.


Oh really??? Sorry but Mr.I and Dash got refreshed TWICE

Mr. I got his stats and skills improved 2 times. A small and a big refresh. Technically 2

Supporting buffs aren’t refreshes :face_with_head_bandage:

Some hasn’t even gotten anything…

Tbh, I dont think Perblue will change anything about Kim refresh. Last time, after they refreshed and made some changes about Mim, it was because most of us (if not all) use her in Invasion. Kim is famous but not that famous nor widely used…

Sad but true…

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