Kuzco and Pacha, new idea, new character

Kuzco and Pacha

Role: Damage
Position: Mid and Front
Team Color: Yellow

Phrase: ”Yeah, I am a llama again! , Wait ”.
” When the sun hits that ridge just right, the hills sings "(either or both).

Entrace: Emperor Kuzco starts on pose. Pacha walk and wear on his poncho and him hat.
Win: Llama Kuzko play with his hoof, Emperor Kuzko, (if Pacha Is alive) continue performance his white skill, Pacha shrug.
Lose: Llama Kuzco faint on ground with tongue out. Pacha gets sad and sits on ground. (Emperor Kuzco can’t lose).

White Skill (Oh, Yeah): Passive: Emperor Form: Kuzco dances and dodges 50% of all basic damage or abilities while healing 5% of Max. HP per second. Pacha starts with X Max. HP and X as basic damage (normal damage).
Llama Form: Kuzco switches positions with Pacha, he gains 100% attack speed and deals fantastic damage with every kick. Pacha gains 200 Tenacity and heals 8% of his Max. HP per second while eating.
Active: Pacha throws a Yzma’s potion at Kuzko. This triggers the change in shape and position. Each flask grants 15% to Kuzco’s basic damage.

Green Skil(Ha!): Emperor Form: Pacha dodges any attack and gains 4 stacks of Hardy.
Llama Form: Kuzco dodges the first melee hit, screams, and deals x damage to nearby enemies. (fantastic damage)
Counter attacks can be dealt every 12 seconds.

Blue Skill(This story Is about me (not him) ): Kuzco defeats to K.O. who defeat Pacha, he remains in Llama form the rest of the fight with a 50% bonus to basic damage, armor and reality. Llama Kuzco loss this Buff between waves and it only works once. Kuzco cannot die before Pacha. Instant K.O. can miss against enemies above level X.

Purple Skill (No Touchy): Kuzco and Pacha are inmune to silence.

Red Skill (Work together): Any basic damage from Kuzko or Pacha removes shields instead deals damage (if enemy holds a shield).
+X Basic damage
+X Max. HP
+X damage with “Ha!”

  • Kronk. In the bag: Kuzco is immune to being charmed. Allies have a 10% chance (per star) to dodge enemy enchantments and add 1 (per star) stack of Fatigue to those who failed to enchant them.
    +X Max. HP to Kuzco, Pacha and Allies
    +X Skill Power to Allies

  • Genie. Shaking hands: Pacha deals 50% (per star) as additional true damage if the enemy has one or more active buffs. Allies heal 4% (per star) of the amount Kuzco or Pacha heal per second.
    +Basic Damage

Thanks for reading.
PerBlue. Please come true this wish

This concept is good and i will admit they need to be added by the way you wrote to with i instead of with i in the line which saying they getting hp boost from the kronk disc

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