Lady Tremaine - Character Concept Project

I actually had a build for Lady Tremaine a long time ago, but I finally got around to making a post for her when I saw @NCTzen_Haechan 's build for the Cheshire Cat. For some parts of this build, I actually had to make some gifs over at Giphy XD. Goes to show how badly I want this wicked stepmother to be in the game.

I’d also like to thank @NCTzen_Haechan for teaching me how to upload gifs/pictures; the formatting of this build was also inspired by their Cheshire Cat concept

:blush: So without further ado, let’s get it on!

I envisioned Lady Tremaine to be a very hard counter to Baymax and Violet, and in a few minutes, you’ll see why.

Name: Lady Tremaine
Star: :star2::star2::star2:
Role: Control
Position: Middle
Trial Team: Red
Alternate Costume: Her ball gown, complete with the shawl, from the night she and her daughters are preparing to go to the ball.

Quote: “Girls, girls! Please! After all, we did make a bargain… didn’t we, Cinderella? And I never go back on my word.”

This quote is far more fearsome than the other quote attributed to her, which is, “Cinderella will be put in her place,” - not exactly threatening.

Bio: This wicked stepmother thirsts for status and material gains. She will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Her authoritative aura strikes fear into those who gaze upon her.

Entrance: For this one, I actually couldn’t decide on which one to choose.
Here are the three ideas I came up with:

  1. Lady Tremaine gets up from a chair, dusting her dress as she pulls herself up with her cane.
  2. Lady%20Tremaine%20walk
  3. Lady%20Tremaine%20walking

Victory: Lady Tremaine smiles with a hand on her chest, before she bows.

Defeat: Lady Tremaine reels back with a hand on her chest, surprised, letting go of her cane.
Lady%20Tremaine%20Defeat (this is from Cinderella 3’s ending)

As for her stats, I envisioned her as having very high Reality, decent Armor, with a sizeable HP pool. Lady Tremaine was anything but frail in the movie, so I thought these would be true to her character.

White: Sinister Glare
Inspiration/Skill Picture:

Animation: As the screen darkens, her eyes glow brightly for a few seconds.
Bio: Lady Tremaine fixes her adversaries with a chilling glare, Scaring and Silencing them.
The Scare lasts for 10 seconds, and the Silence lasts for 5.5 seconds.

Has a chance to fail on enemies higher than level 1.

I chose Scare and Silence on purpose since it fits with her character - I’m sure she struck fear into many kids when they first saw Cinderella, not to mention how many times in the film she silences somebody… usually Cinderella.

Also, to balance her out, her energy bar will fill up slowly like Ursula.

Green: Lucifer’s Fall
Skill Picture:
Lucifer%20smiling (from Cinderella 3)


Bio: Lady Tremaine commands her pet cat, Lucifer, to attack her foes.
A dust-covered Lucifer falls on the furthest enemy, dealing 715 damage, Stunning and Blinding them for 6 seconds. Lucifer then scampers back to Lady Tremaine, damaging enemies in the same fashion as before.

If you’re having a hard time envisioning this, it’s basically like Jack Skellington’s Green Skill, What’s This?!, where he throws a maniacal toy duck at the furthest enemy, Scaring them, before it damages them as it travels back to the left, eventually disappearing off-screen.

Also, yes, the Stun/Blind does affect the rest of the enemies - sorry if it’s not clear - I was having trouble with wording it simply.

Blue: Shattered Dreams

Skill Picture: A glass slipper broken in half.
Or maybe something like this:
Broken%20glass%20slipper (also from Cinderella 3)

Animation: Lady Tremaine brings her cane down on a glass slipper.

Bio: Lady Tremaine crushes a glass slipper with her cane, instantly negating all enemy shields. In addition, she also reduces their Reality by 150 and their Armor by 75.

Has a chance to fail on enemies above level 41.

Purple: Grace and Poise
Skill Picture: A silhouette of Lady Tremaine, on her way to the ball, holding up her dress. (Design inspiration from The Queen of Hearts’ Purple Skill Portrait for Royal Highness.)

Bio: Lady Tremaine gains an additional 2002 Armor and 2007 Reality.

Whenever Sinister Glare is activated, Lady Tremaine heals herself for 1950 HP.

The amount healed is reduced against enemies higher than level 41.

You can’t have Lady Tremaine without mentioning “grace and poise” since she championed that greatly, after all. :grin:

The concept of this was that after losing her temper (i.e. outright glaring), Lady Tremaine would gather herself together and regain her composure, hence the healing. And yes, the 1950 was deliberate - for those who don’t know, 1950 was the year Cinderella came out. The other two years were the years when the following sequels were released.

Also, people may complain about me making Lady Tremaine tanky, but c’mon, look at Judy, she’s supposed to be Support, and yet, she’s surprisingly tanky the more you level her up. Just saying.

Friend Disks
I toyed around with many ideas and these are the people I came up with. As for some people who will say characters can only have 2 max Friends, I will say this: there is enough room for at least 3 more characters on the bar where the Friend icons are placed - it won’t happen anytime soon, I know, but it’s still something to consider.
Elsa - Icy Reception

+2013 HP (Frozen’s release date)

Sinister Glare now Freezes opponents for 2 seconds. Chance for Freeze dependent on Disk Level. Time for Freeze goes up by 0.2 based on Stars.

The funny thing about this campaign, is that Lady Tremaine would probably act snooty towards Elsa, because of her similarities to Cinderella, until she finds out Elsa is a queen - in which case her suck-up mode activates XD

Queen of Hearts - Cordial Manners

+1951 Armor (Another release date Easter egg, this time for Alice)

Grace and Poise now heals all allies for 60% of amount Lady Tremaine heals.

Don’t worry guys, I did the math.

At 60% (1 Star), Grace and Poise only heals 1,170,
70% (2 Stars) 1,365,
80% (3 Stars) 1,560,
90% (4 Stars) 1755,
100% (5 Stars) 1950.

So yeah, basically another version of Play Together, Sully’s Disk from Woody.

It really fits, since I remember watching a video of Scar’s Friendship quest with The Queen - in one of the scenes, The Queen says she desires to reach the Creeps how to curtsy - I mean c’mon, to a certain degree, The Queen and Lady Tremaine would get along like a house on fire, especially once Lady Tremaine finds out she’s in the company of royalty (just like with Elsa’s campaign). As for the healing, I thought it was like The Queen bestowing certain qualities of her Royal Highness to Lady Tremaine through their various lessons on proper mannerisms and social mores.

Maleficent - Uninvited Guest/Bitter Envy

+1959 Skill Power (another release date Easter egg)

Shattered Dreams now does damage equal to the amount of the enemy’s Shield HP (e.g. if Baymax Shields his team for 3000 HP, then Shattered Dreams will deal 3000). Shattered Dreams also negates all enemy buffs.

Alice - Wake-up Call

+1951 Reality

Shattered Dreams now dispels all ally debuffs. Chances of activating dependent on Disk Level. Lucifer’s Fall now makes Lady Tremaine Invisible for 3 seconds (this is of course, supposed to be a reference to the Cheshire Cat). Chance for activation and additional time of 0.3 dependent on Stars.

I made her Disks versatile based on what you might need more - a healer, a support, or another damage character etc.

Due to the nature of each disk, all Friendships would probably be locked at level 90 and above.

Hey @Polaris I hope you get a chance to look at this, because I think Lady Tremaine has great potential.

On a sidenote, here are three badges she definitely deserves: Nope!, Stable Walking Cane (lol) and Crystal Belle. For obvious reasons. (Well, maybe not so obvious for Crystal Belle - it’s Madame Leota, another character, along with Maleficent and Lady Tremaine, brought to life by Eleanor Audley.)

Let me know what you guys think! I’ll be working on a build for Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother next time you see me. I envisioned her to be perhaps the best healer/support in the game - lord knows this game needs more healers.

Miguel/Mickey are the only good healers and even then, they’re a lot like Regigigas from Pokemon: they need some time before they can get their act together. Don’t get me wrong, they’re very good, but things could still be better.

Genie doesn’t count, because A), he can’t heal the entire team, B), he can’t heal himself, and C), he’s like a slightly better version of Yax - he can only heal (some) allies once his energy bar fills up.

Anyway, here’s a teaser: One of Fairy Godmother’s Friend Disks is with Merlin, and it’s called Prestidigitation. For obvious reasons (seriously, missed opportunity for his Purple skill name).

(Mad Madam Mim may also be another character after Fairy Godmother.)

If you liked this, please leave a like and a comment below. Any suggestions or ideas? Feel free to share them as well :blush:

If you’d like to see more, here’s some other builds that I’ve done.

'Til next time, see ya! :grin:


Sulley is also kind off tank with woody disc which enables him to heal the entire team with his green skill healing laughter so i wouldnt say mickey mouse and migule rivera are the only healers in the game

Well while it is true that Sully does heal the entire team, he focuses primarily on attacking, only healing every other attack. Plus, in order for it to be very good, his Friend Disk needs more than 1 Star, in addition to Sully needing some kind of support himself, as he has such low defenses… for Reality anyway - he has no Armor to speak of whatsoever, so there’s a good chance he may get killed early on in the game.

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Great concept, I see in you a lot of skill in concept design. This is amazing, A little OP maybe, but all new heroes are.

I will be waiting for another one of your ideas! :grin:


Thank you so much @Champion_David ! It makes me happy to hear that you liked it! :grin:


I choose entrance number 2! I love it! I was gonna do a Lady Tremaine concept (I have never seen Cinderella but I am an expert on Disney Villains) but this is so much better than my idea!

The only flaw I see is the level caps because Blue Skills have a level cap of 20 levels less than the hero and for Purple Skills it is 40 levels less.

10/10.(infinite amount of zeros)1


I laughed at this

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Thanks, I’m happy to hear you enjoyed my Lady Tremaine build :grin: definitely one of my favorite villains of all time. And entrance 2 really does highlight her character - I can see it now :smiley:

I would love to see what you came up with - would be interesting to see what other tricks this devious stepmother is capable of :wink:

Ah, and thank you for the critique - I always thought that Blue skills also had the level 41 cap just like Purple skills, however after I checked a couple of characters who I hadn’t boosted yet, I saw what you were talking about - the cap on Blue skills is level 21 - so thank you for that :relaxed:

Although I am a little confused about what you meant by the 40 levels less? Could you please explain a little more about that? I went with level 41 since that’s the base level cap for Purple skills for many characters.

Also, I would recommend you seeing the original Cinderella. It’s one of my favorite Disney movies :relaxed: If you’re interested, here’s a link so you could see what it was like:

:joy: I’m glad it made you laugh like it did with me

Oh no, it’s okay! You’re good :relaxed: I understand it now.

Oh that’s okay, but if you ever change your mind, I’m open to any bouncing ideas you have for Lady Tremaine or any other character :blush:

That’s fair. And no problem!

Thank you, I’m happy you liked the concept! :grin: And I’ll do my best :wink:


By that I meant the “caps” increase every time you level up. I you have a maxed out hero (on skills) you would notice that it would be like this (if level 100): White: 100, Green: 100, Blue: 80, Purple: 60. This is what I meant by “40 levels left.” Sorry if you misunderstood


It is okay I think your’s is perfect :ok_hand:t2: anyway (I never made one)


I do not like the real-live action remakes anyway

Edit: Thx for the link!


This is amazing @Card_Brigade. Please keep it up :slight_smile:

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