Lady wifi hero concept (v.unlikely)


Team: red
Star 2 :star::star:
role: tank
entrance: Lady wifi coming! 013cecaa3c505669d08e493c76b38dd9
victory: Lady wifi Does hahahaha!!!

Defeat: Lady wifi Does nooooooo!!!unnamed
Skills white
skill Telephone :fist: normal damage Lady WiFi attscks telephone
Green skill pause✊normal damage Lady WiFi pause in order to do stop Blue skill biedroblog Lady WiFi is recordnig biedroblog Purple Skill range wifi Lady wifi has powerful power via wifi red skill wifi telephone Lady wifi does by phone friendship Lady wifi and megavolt disk electrik telephone Available: (yax powerline Ralph) Lady wifi and dr. Facilier disk telemagic available: (jafar scar yzma)

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Who is she?

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