Late Bloomer

Fa Mulan

“Uh, I’ve got a name, and it’s a boy’s name too”
Fa Mulan is a mid-line damage hero
Trial Team: Yellow
Stars: :star::star:
Entrance: Mulan walks into the battlefield and combs her hair and then takes out her sword. Here is her comb:

And here is her sword:

Victory: Mulan bows down
K.O.: Mulan drops her sword and takes a knee
Basic Attack: Mulan attacks enemies with her sword, dealing X damage

White Skill: Sword Jab
Mulan jabs her sword at the closest enemy and deals X damage, stunning them for 7 seconds. Stun may fail against enemies level X+

Green Skill: Dragon Canon
Mulan lights up a cannon and shoots at the farthest enemies, dealing X damage. Here is how the cannon will look like:

Blue Skill: Clumsy Maiden
Mulan fans herself, healing allies for X HP and charming the closest 3 enemies for 7 seconds. Charm may fail against enemies level X+. Here is how her fan will look like:

Blue Skill: Woman in Disguise
For the first 12 seconds of every wave, Mulan becomes invisible


Mulan - Mushu
“Be a Man (Woman)”
Unlocks at level 113
Allies: Merida, Ralph, Frozone
Mulan’s “Dragon Cannon” now burns enemies, dealing X damage for 5 seconds

Mulan - Merida
“Destiny Warriors”
Unlocks at level 111
Allies: Moana, Shank, EVE
Mulan now has X more skill power

Emperor Zurg - Mulan
“Calm Emperor”
Unlocks at level 114
Allies: Woody, Mushu, Dash
Emperor Zurg’s reality is now increased by X

Rapunzel - Mulan

Here is Mulan’s costume:

Hope you liked it!


Well, The quote could be better…that may have been a hilarious moment for her but the quote should help define the hero, I do not feel that this quote does that.


I feel like her blue skill is ripping off scar. Maybe make it have a specific trigger such as violet or darkwing. Also, purple skills rarely have an animation and if they do, it’s a one time activation(ie. Judy, hades, Aladdin) or recycles another of the hero’s animations(ie. Violet, buzz).


I think mulans white attack would be the cannon as the game would use special animations for white

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