Latest DHBM Email

Did anybody else get this email?


Sure did!!


Does this mean Mei from Turning Red is coming to the game this is has to happen make this a next update

Great. Now we know who will be announced next.

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No, I haven’t gotten the email. How do you get them?

Have you verified your Email? If not, you are missing DHBM emails.

Okay, thanks @ALDT

Reason why you should sign up for the newsletter when the next update goes out


Really good reason tbh. :woman_shrugging:

Last newsletters only gave (known) summary of past few updates, now thanks to it we knew about WiR trial event and Meilin Lee release. :+1:

If only the codes were giving more than 100 diamonds :cloud_with_lightning:

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So that means Mei is coming as next update

I’m very excited for Meilin Lee from Turning Red!

Yeah me too when

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