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Hey @Polaris,
Just wanted to make you aware that since this update has gone live anyone on an apple device can no longer see any text when writing if dark mode is enabled, it worked perfectly fine before. If you turn light mode back on it works fine. Dark mode only shows emojis. Can this get sorted with a small patch as it’s not a major issue but it is somewhat irritating :blush:!!
Both images are identical text it was to show the difference between light and dark mode. I appreciate how much effort goes into updates and bug fixes and not everything can be foreseen but I did want to point it out :grin:

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Can you give me a screenshot of what you’re seeing?


Just done now, I meant to attach them when I first wrote the message :man_facepalming:t3: We have had a few people in VIP on server one and in guild chat commenting the same saying they cannot see any text so I’ve been telling people to turn dark mode off so that they can see.

Where is the new quest reward system also?

Thanks for the in game announcement @Polaris or whomever did the announcement you guys/gals are awesome :blush:

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Yep, it’s dark/light mode. Switching to light will make the chat visible.


This is on servers 2-4&8 only right now.

Ah such a shame :frowning:

Mim’s disk is not with Jafar? It is with next month’s sign in character… Correct or mistake?

Nevermind it says oogie on the update thread

Do the new crates that cost arena tokens come out in the next refresh ? Wanted to start getting Gizmoduck

They’ll be special event crates that will appear from time to time (similar to the hero chip crates). Keep an eye out for them!

This IS indeed very annoying !!! Pls fix !!! @Polaris 11ds and counting

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