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Does anyone have any tips for the Launchpad DW Episode 6 level 5 mission. Launchpad 2*, DW 6*, Frozone 5* and Rafiki 6* all at R3 with full badges and enhancements get absolutely demolished by Anger in the first round. He uses boil over and it kills Frozone, DW and LP in one hit. This is batty.

I am guessing LP is meant to be at 6 stars

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Sarcasm… again :joy::joy::blush:

Even with that team and you couldn’t get the disc, then it’s is hopeless for us F2P :)))))))

And yet, people still think Friend Campaigns are not broken :))))))))

Yeah, I don’t care about the levels of the enemies, if they still want them to be “tough”. But choosing the 3rd, 4th and 5th ally for us is just a bit much. I’m fine with having to invest in the friend, but I also have to raise 3 more people in order to complete it? They are basically going to make it where you have to spend money or a crapton of time leveling up every single hero in the game to the level cap, while still releasing a number of new ones throughout. Quite the racket…

If they would just let us choose our 3rd, 4th and 5th “helpers” as those slots become available, then I wouldn’t mind the overall darn near max difficulty as much. But as it is, it’s basically “max this other random character out that has nothing to do with the friendship and that you may never use again, because we win in that scenario, but being more reasonable about it? Nah…”.


Well update. I finally completed it. Got both disks. I had to get his disk with Hiro first and then go back and do the DW disk. I ended up using all my extra Stam potions and maxing out Hiro Simba and Judy…

Now this is not an option for me :))))) Congrats @Jawa_Nerf_Herder

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