Legendary Egghead unlikely concept

Egghead the Knowing

Stars: :star::star::star:
Position: Middle
Role: Control
Trial Team: Red

Both apprentice and master, a young magician who learns all that which should remain unknown

Entrance: He floats and read his book until he gets into place
Victory: He waves her wand
Defeat: He banishes himself

Basic Attack: Waves his wand and a flame comes out, shooting a random enemy, dealing X damage

White Skill: Banish received_616312893136405(Fantastic Damage)
Active: He concentrates, then a beam shoots target enemy, dealing 90% of MAX HP to target enemy

Green Skill: Crystal Animal received_1063596874470712(True Damage)
Active: He opens the potion’s cork and throws it to the center of the enemy line, dealing X damage to all enemies and turn them into chicken if they are tank, squirrel if it’s control, pork chop if it’s a support and Henry Hawk if damage
Passive: Enemy Henry Hawks has a 75% chance to be charmed
This may fail for enemies that are lower than level X
Egghead can only do this once a wave.

Blue Skill: Ashabod’s Bubble received_438009757674732

After using Banish, Egghead and his allies all gain a shield that last 7.5 seconds

Purple Skill: World of Dwindling received_463323498575819

If an ally has ‘Hex’, Use Ashabod’s Bubble and Hex the enemy

Red Skill: Magical Study received_2981267392129729

Crystal Animal now has a chance to increase Crit Chance
After using Banish, he increase his reality by X
Ashabod’s Bubble’s shield now last 10 seconds

+X reality
+X attack
+X speed

Battle Badge Bonuses
+Chance of charming Henry Hawk
+X speed
Banish now has a 60% chance of energizing himself


Egghead the Knowing/ Winifred Sandreson
Disk Name: Cursed Potion Book
Disk Effect: World of Dwindling now has a 50% chance of cursing target enemy

Egghead the Knowing/ Fairy Godmother
Disk Name: Potion of Good Deeds
Disk Effect: Ashabod’s Bubble now heals the most damaged ally


Are you trying to brag or express concern with this comment? Either way, that’s probably not a good thing.



Are you embarrasing me

I’m just saying: you need to A) not post so many concepts in such a short time span as people have already told you SEVERAL times and B) not intentionally make a concept broken.


And i already deleted the broken part

FRIENDSHIP INFORMATION! Where is it? Why do u make concepts so fast that you literally can’t take tips?


Ok, ok
You teach me

Ill let you choose which friendship you wanna know

Taz - Alladin/ Stitch
Big Chungus - Taz / Alice
Twizzly - Vanellope/ Zurg
Egghead - Winifred/ Fairy GodMother

All of them. You don’t have Allies, disk abilities, disk stars, or disk appearances


The most you can choose is 3
I dont wanna squeeze and get a lot of people saying me reviving deqd topics

… I was talking about making entire concepts. Since you’ve already posted the ones theninja mentioned, you’re free to edit them whenever you want.


I’m secure with concepts
Theninga12_II is asking me to make, etc friendships campaign

I mean nobody like to put this in the same concept
If he’d like, i can make an ex concept (friendship concept)

And see if uou like my tommorow’s concept

Oh my gosh please slow down! You are making concepts way too often! I have a small suggestion. If you don’t want to slow down your concepts, maybe you could make one topic, dedicated to all your concepts. Instead of spamming concepts, you could just put all the concepts you make into that one topic. It’s a win-win for both sides!


What I’m saying is you don’t have enough info in your friendships. Look at other peoples concepts and put the info they have in yours.

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Slow and Steady wins the race, why not do that one next week.

Me bet everyone here could agree or disagree with me that doing only one a week, is better then doing one every day.

So, me advice you to only do 1 per week, not every day.

Well, yesterday i didn’t do it
And i already have 2-3 concepts waiting

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