LegoMyEggo11's Hero Concepts; Season 1

These are all my good hero concepts, otherwise known as,“LegoMyEggo11’s Hero Concepts; Season 1.” Enjoy!

 Concept 1

SpongeBob SquarePants and Gary Unlikely Hero Concept.

 Concept 2

Luke Skywalker Unlikely Hero Concept - #5 by LeggoMyEggo11.

 Concept 3

It Feels Like a Party Every Day! Jessie Prescott Likely-ish Hero Concept.

 Concept 4

Shrek and Donkey Unlikely Hero Concept.

 Concept 5

Fear Me, if You Dare. Puss in Boots Unlikely Hero Concept.

 Concept 6

Awesome! Emmet Brickowski Unlikely Hero Concept.

Upcoming: Kuzco, Theme Song Guy (big challenge), King Harold and Queen Lillian Pendragon

I will make my next concept soon! I hope you enjoy these and my future ones. I also hope I can space my concepts far enough apart so it won’t be spamming.

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