Let get to know one another!

One of the perks of being fascinated by the ocean is understanding how terrifying it is. That’s one of the reasons why I like learning about it lol


I mean…swimming at the beach is harmless. The worst you’d get is stung by a jellyfish, really. :man_shrugging:

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Yeah, and I really like going to the beach, ngl

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I kinda want to go again :hugs:

  • I’m a big DC fan
  • I collect funko pops
  • I used to work in marketing

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I wanna do a different type of poll/game.

Pick ALL Truths
  • I love Stitch
  • I love Pooh
  • I love pandas
  • I love food
  • I love shopping

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Since I think this is the first of a “Pick ALL Truths” I decided to make this very easy lol (at least I think it is easy haha).


Ladies and gentlemen, we got 'em.


That was helpful thank you

lol I said I’ll make it very easy for this one

And my name gives away three of the answers lol

Oh and also, since we always did a lie as well in the previous games, just a fair warning: it is possible that I didn’t put a lie. All of them might be truths. Maybe there is a lie and maybe there isn’t.


did you? :smirk:

What’re the truths?

All are truths!

I do love Stitch, Pooh, pandas, food, and shopping!

Since some of you know I have a walking disability, I understand why some may have thought I would not love shopping due to having to walk around a lot in the stores (but shopping is too fun and the mall has sitting areas!), so I’ll give it to you.

But congrats to the 12 people to pick all five!

Good work!


Phew, I was on the fence on these


  • The end credits of Courage the Cowardly Dog scared me as a child
  • I once plagiarized without knowing
  • I own all the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, including spinoffs.

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Oh and this is what I was talking about for the first one

I want you to be that weird kid who would not be traumatized by the mouth thing at the end. Idk why.

Find the lie! This time there’s four options.
  • I never watched a Darkwing Duck episode
  • Super Mario Odyssey was the first Mario game I played
  • I saw an eel on the beach once
  • I currently have a total of around 30 medals

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I feel like something is wrong with you if Odyssey was your first Mario game


(I actually seem he never watched DW despite him being one of his favourites)

Unless we’re talking about a really young kid here (which I doubt is the case, for obvious reasons), then I agree.

LgdB iS 7 yEarS oLd

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This poll denies math

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