Let me to answer

So, suspended until?
I have one person there who needs me and now I can not reach that woman. Do you have suggestion or you play like kids?!

You were breaking TOS. It’s against Perblue’s rules to sell your account. And before you say that you have rights or whatever, you agreed to PerBlue’s rules when you started playing the game.


Yes, agree is forced. If you dont agree you can not play :joy:
There is humanity, there is law. Btw, have you discord? I need to reach that woman and connect with her.

Yeah. Just like many other things, you have to agree to rules to go to Disney Land or World (I think, I’ve never been) and if you break them you get kicked out with no compensation. It’s how rules work


You can send a message to our web support, but as said above you broke TOS. This thread will be closed now.

Here is the link for you to submit a ticket and also the TOS for you to read.

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