Level-lowered friendship disks

While I appreciate the lowering of the level cap for the friendship campaigns, it seems that the original enemy levels are still on those campaigns.

Example: the WALL-E/Baymax Disc. Until now I hadn’t been able to unlock it (both heroes are currently lvl 70, P2 & P1 rank respectively). While enemies are still at level 60, they’re currently set to Orange rank, significantly higher than (what I think) a normal player at that level range would be.

I’m not terribly big on RPGs, so I don’t know if this is an unreasonable request, but it just seems lioe common sense to me to scale down the difficulty just a tad.

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The fact that they are only 1 star and lower level should mean they don’t pose too much of a problem. Colour rank alone doesn’t make a huge difference by itself.


Okay, noted; you have a good point there.

Since I haven’t had time to look over every stat increase I’ve encountered, do stars and levels generally have a bigger impact on stats than color rank? Like, is there a hierarchy on which factors have the greatest impact? Or does it generally depend on the situation?

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Honestly I couldn’t tell you for certain, I can only really give you my gut feeling based on experience but generally you need to fairly even spread. I think stars probably have the biggest impact (apart from skill levels) but then depending on who you are using/facing team level can play a huge role. For example, with the screenshot you posted, so long as Wall-e is higher level than his opponents (with skills to match) you know his freeze ability is always going to stick.


Unlike this, Animal and Anger mission has enemies that exceed the lvl cap of the server (my server has a lvl cap of 145, while they are 149, and yea, i know it’s not that big of a difference but Peter Pan still dodges too many of my attacks).
So i hope Perblue would change this.

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You need to be stronger then purple for that anyway. Took me an orange + 1 for both characters to win.

I’m pretty sure the lowering of the friendship caps was unintentional - therefore it stands to reason that the enemy rarities should be left as they are, to maintain equal difficulty as before :man_shrugging:

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I don’t know, lowering the level cap for virtually every friendship campaign seems pretty big to do unintentionally. But you might have a point; I guess time will tell.

I haven’t had time to peruse the entire Patch Notes, so I can’t speak on that.

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