Lilo & Stitch heroes count as Wreck-It-Ralph heroes for Wreck-It-Ralph event

The Lilo & Stitch heroes (from last trial event) count as Wreck-It-Ralph heroes for the Wreck-It-Ralph event.

As suppose to be.

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Why is it called a “Wreck-It-Ralph” event then? If characters other than Wreck-It-Ralph count towards Wreck-It-Ralph?

I didn’t see that in the game. Was that posted on the in-game event or in-game description? It’s confusing if the information is only provided on the forums or in update notes.

They did to help us. The last complaints were we couldnt get max rewards because of the lack of heroes we could use.

Would have been nice if they would have told us. Most people I’ve chatted with in the game, thought that “Wreck-It-Ralph” meant only “Wreck-It-Ralph” heroes.

I doubt adding in Ralph and Vanellope to the Lilo & Stitch heroes will increase the chances of a max reward for anyone other than the same people who got max rewards for Lilo & Stitch event.

If you haven’t, at the very least, built Shank and Angel to max level/rank, then that’s on you.

All 8 other characters are situational, but those two are pretty much mandatory for everyone.

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Yep made no difference to me, they were just lazy and kept that same heroes as before. It’s what I expect now from the devs. Couldn’t have put a bit of thought into the event and added heroes that linked to it.

As mentioned by someone else the Disney princess appeared in wreck it Ralph 2 so add them wasn’t hard to think off. But no let’s ■■■ Lilo and stitch heroes that have no relevance to the event 1 but

what do you want, I don’t understand? added and added a stitch, will it be easier for you if ralph’s team is there? I, like most, do not care what heroes to go through.

I want the event information telling users that they can use Lilo & Stitch characters or “Wreck-it-Ralph” characters. Nobody I chatted with in the game knew this because it was only posted here in the forums and not in the game or possibly rename future events so it doesn’t sound like it’s limited to a specific group when it’s not limited to a specific group.

a? what? what did i just read? did the players only learn from the forum that other heroes can be used? a? I thought it was obvious. I’ll rub my eyes for a second. but no. that is, the players did not enter the game in this mode and did not see the choice of characters? mb you didn’t download the game and you only get a part of the game? sorry for such trolling, but I don’t understand how you can not see it in the game.

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