Lingering Emotion Effect. The beach trail dread

Okay, so I’ve brought it up before that Joy and Fear, who give passive buffs based on how many stacks they have, have an element to them that makes them fairly problematic.

Namely, defeating them does not remove the effect of their stacks. A Fear who dies with 10 dread stacks is still reducing the damage of crits. (In Fears case, the stacks might even be increasing MORE because of how he can passively gain them, but I can’t actually see that.)

Usually, a nuisance, nothing more, HOWEVER, in today’s top beach trail, we see Fear paired with GERALD.

Why is this a problem? Because while Gerald is on his rock, he takes 70% less damage.
Fear reduces crit damage by 10% per stack (there’s a cap, but I don’t remember it off the top of my head).

Basic maths will tell you that 3 dread stacks + the original damage reduction equals complete immunity to critical attacks.

The kicker? None of the Lilo and Stitch characters have the means to knock Gerald back. So if you’ve raised your Lilo and Stitch characters, you can easily find yourself in a situation where normally EVERY attack will crit, but because of Fear and Gerald’s interaction, absolutely no damage occurs.

Case in point, my Pleakley has 4 maxed purple skill mods, a maxed red skill and a fully leveled Jumba disk. He does 48 million damage per second per mosquito. And here it is. 90 mosquitos, absolutely NO damage.

I’m gonna quickly add to this that I managed to 3 star it 3 teams ONLY because I was insanely lucky and didn’t have the means to build Angel and Lilo to max, so at that point they have a SLIGHT chance to not crit, but COME ON!

That’s how it supposed to be. Always.

But in game modes they made sure Fear won’t be paired with someone who will block all damage against allies (mainly in friendship campaigs). Apparently they didn’t do that in this event, and… this happened.

As for today, it’s completely impossible to finish stage 8. I hope we will get one day extra of the event or something.

That Fear has An disk so he doesn’t even need to gain the stacks since he starts with 5
So you can’t like instakill Gerald either

For me it’s Rex disk, so he gives reflect to Billy.

In that case he will never go below 3 stacks, because nobody removes buffs. Green skill uses 7 stacks at 10.

I didn’t record the first fight, I just tried it for the hundredth time and it turned out to kill.

I’ve noticed the disks changing on me during the day, though I haven’t pinpointed exactly what triggers the possibility of them changing.

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