List of Banned Characters

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Sory, I missed it, why is Edna not possible? I heard about others, but not her.

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I think her skillset is kinda difficult to make. Considering she doesn’t really show major personalities and interests in the movie.


I’m sorry but when was this stated?

Two or three Q&A’s ago.


I already proved to you many times that this is not the case

None of this matter, as PB rules the world game and it was their sentence.
Ask them if something changed…

No. We’re throwing what they said out the window

Hirsch knows more about the rights Disney has to his show, and, news flash, Gravity Falls was bought, not licensed

Until PB won’t change their words…
GF would be definitely nice, but the newest news here… it’s too difficult to add.

PerBlue might not, but neither will Hirsch’s. He created GF, Musk. Why are you gonna deny what he says?

Not to mention they said that over a year ago

Let’s just wait for next Q&A :slight_smile:
Unless Loutre (or Polaris) will confirm that they’re possible to add earlier, definitely would be good.


They are only here because of what you said, but still… PB is PB :frowning:

Now let’s move to discord.

Hold on, why is Edna impossible?

I still can argue he is possible if Mushu is possible.
If they can scale up Mushu, they can scale down Tamatoa.
I would put small and big in “questionable”.

He isn’t even that small…
And giant ones were literally confirmed to be avoided.

So, not impossible.

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Still seems very unlikely though. :grimacing:


So it would be under:

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