List of Banned Characters


Seems like ‘‘generally’’ was just used to avoid complains.

Tamatoa is too giant, with current sizes of Maui and Moana he won’t even fit on screen, and they can’t just make him small as it will not follow movie, and Disney won’t allow it.

Maybe Moana series will change something… but that’s in two years.

Charnabog, as for another example, is too big as well.


I just rewatched Shiny. I forgot how big he was :woozy_face:

How come these two can’t come?

Joy said that he is dead in a dialogue


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Bing Bong is mentioned to be dead by Joy, and Potato Heads can’t come because of licencing.

@Musketeer, should you also put Barbie, Ken, and Mrs. Potato Head?


Well, they’re more obvious, but won’t hurt.


Maybe just “Potato Heads” and “Barbies”.
Although was it ever explained how Slinky got in?
Also, maybe put Meeko (tied with Poca)

No… nobody bothered to ask for him, just Potato Head was said to be impossible (at least back then).

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I believe there are some unites missing from here:

But I can’t think of them atm.

Okay, I remember about the giant ones, but not the small. I mean, yeah, bugs are way smaller than toys, Mushu or Basil, but still.

I think all those deserve a separate category. I mean, they aren’t impossible, they are in the game, just not as fully playable characters.
P.S. Oh, same with Rajah and Morph.

The emotions

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I only meant characters who have physical bodies. In Ralph breaks the internet, Ralph and Van travel through wires, so they should be smaller than an ant.

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I wonder if the emotions could fall out of Riley’s head and be viewed by humans. Or they are hypothetical.
Sorry for going a bit off topic.

After making it public.

90% of the movie was in their perspective, as a normal (sized) human.

Rather this.

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I feel like, if Basil can be sized up to be in the game, then so can other small characters like Flik, Hopper, Bernard & Miss Bianca, and so on.

Giant characters, though, are tougher to justify size adjustments. Might be one of the reasons why we might not see anyone from Cars anytime soon–they’d be big and clumsy compared to everyone else.

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Well, they can be on Orville or Wilbur as a trio :man_shrugging:

That reminds me of joy and sadness outside appearance in Disney parks

And where’s Zeus?

Good catch.


@Musketeer It´s funny that Black Pearl is actually summoned in-game by Jack Sparrow despite being far bigger than everything. I´d say even Tamatoa. But the way it is summoned makes it look like shrunk from PotC 4 or 5.

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