List of Friendship Disks - Megathread



There ya go


Thanks elf! 20 20 20


No worries Moka - Sally’s Tia disk tho…:eyes:


Yeah that disk is amazing. She will get even more strong with that


Now the last mistery that needs to be solved is… why no one gets a dsik FROM miguel??? He is not a good friend? He doesnt love to give disks?? :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I’m betting Healing boosts


Same with Scar, and maybe with few others.


Yeah scar too but miguel is not new anymore. He was october sign (if i remember correctly) so ita now like 100days old in game and still no one got a disk from him while he alteady got 2


You can get full list from here.


From coming soon disk I guess new hero is from Ducktales(Gizmoduck), but never know. Still Nice.


Niice. Mind if I put this link on top?


Where did you find that info doc?


You can use the link or content freely.

All data is extracted from game files that belongs PerBlue.


@wakka Who made it?



I want to know if capt Jacks disk one wilde night gives bonus damage to allies even when he dies and after…that passive can be hard to use since he often dies shorty before/after the tank and most of the fight has been decided at this point


So I am about lvl 5 into maleficent and jack skellington disk and I notice maleficent and ursula disks popping up in my arena. Am i doing it wrong or is Ur disk is easier to get?


Both are great, a little better is jack disk but harder to get.