Live Chat 11/22

Hey everyone! We’re starting to go through your questions. I’m so excited to meet everyone and chat with you today.


Is this another place to ask questions? Jw

Sure! We’re going through the other threads and will be posting in them, but asking questions here is good too!


Weirdest question to ask but I’ve always wondered, so far in game, which character has been the hardest to animate and which one has been the easiest?


I wonder which among the released heroes is/are your personal favorite(s)?

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Alice was challenging because she get big, and that was a new mechanic in the game.
Joy was difficult because it was tough to get her texture correct. Elastigirl took some time to get her stretching look good.

Queen of Hearts, Darkwing Duck and Olaf were pretty easy to do.


I can’t pick just one! I was very excited when the Tron heroes were added. I grew up with the original Tron and it has nostalgic appeal for me.

For the game animation, I really like Maleficent.


Is there ever a time where Disney just says no to adding a certain character that are not Marvel or Star Wars? Because at this point you got the Muppets and it’s hard to think what they could say no to :joy:

Btw, how did you guys feel when you were allowed to add the Muppets?

Sometimes there’s a lot of back and forth between us and Disney when we start asking about a specific show or movie. For example, there are shows on the Disney Channel that are owned by the show creator and not Disney, so there’s more negotiation involved and in the end, we might not get permission.

It was no trouble to get the Muppets. We asked and they said yes!


Wow! You guys sure are lucky getting all this stuff in one game, must be a proud achievement for the team :grin:

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I have been a bit unsure if Kingdom Hearts characters are possible for Disney Heroes as I am not sure if you at Perblue have the right permission/license to have Kingdom Hearts characters in the game.
I don’t know if this is something you have the permission to answer, but I am wondering if Kingdom Hearts characters are theoretically have a chance of coming to Disney Heroes?

I see that my question there was kind of answered in the last question, but yeah I hope you at Perblue can implement Kingdom Hearts characters into the game or at least Sora if possible :-).
I know Kingdom Hearts is in both Disney Tsum Tsum and Disney Emoji, though they are puzzle games so not sure if it is as easy for this kind of game.

In any case, thanks for adding so many interesting characters and looking forward to see what the next ones will be no matter if they are from Kingdom Hearts or not :-).

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Коли будет Ельза на 18 сервери

I would also love to have Kingdom Hearts sometime! But I’m unsure of that as well

Hey everyone, thanks for chatting with us today! We’ll be back on Monday with more. We’re planning to dip into some of the other threads and answer more questions. Feel free to keep posting and we’ll see you again on Monday.


Will there be another time where the team will do things like this where you answer people’s questions about the game?

One thing which I love to know.

We received so much heroes from DuckTales from old version, while most of badges with their references came from reboot.

Disney didn’t allow you to use reboot version of DuckTales characters? or… ?

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Hate to be nitpicky but… this sounds funny (grammar funny)

Exist characters that you can’t use for a certain IP that you already put in the game (example the Mad Hare from Alice in wonderland is allowed?)

From server 2, team level 145

Yep! We’d like to do this on a regular basis, with more narrow topics in the future. We made this one general feedback as a way to kick it off and try it out.


Good to hear! This is really fun looking behind the scenes of this game :grin:

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