Live Dev Q&A - March 2022

I’m up for anything, and always interested to see new mini-game type things like the Prize Wall and Trial Events!

I’d recommend that anything that gets worked on:

  • Allows the player to choose their difficulty, or scales based on their max ranked heroes
  • Provides rewards that are worth the time it takes to play the mode
  • Is playable for the full duration that it’s available for
  • Allows a wide selection of possible heroes to use and team compositions
  • Is fun!


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This is fairly interesting to see. (Not my main)

Oh, if it is possible, could be the Surge scaling altered a bit? It’s pretty bad ngl.

Top guilds Can reach only like tier 25. One needs a semi-broken one to reach tier 100. Surely that is not the aim.

Lore has it, because the game is set in the internet, cats have been steadily leaking into the game in the form of Badges! Just some of that good, old fashioned cats-on-the-internet overflow.


Thank you for all the work you put into this game. I agree that I’d love to see a new game mode of some sort, but on the spot I’m forgetting cool ideas im sure I’ve discussed in the past.

This isn’t really a question for this space, but the larger question thread here.

If I might have a request, some Egyptian Cat badge someday please? Or Persian? Or Manx (with no tail)?

I think I would like a feature that lets you over time duplicate badge bits, like a science lab where you can maybe choose to duplicate specific badges, like an offline gain thing :-). Maybe 3-5 slots? Not sure what the max amount would be, but at least a full badge I think.

Not sure if this is a mode per say, but it could be an interesting feature of some sort to help badge grind wise.

And yeah, Scavenger Hunts mode is going well :-).
Anything we can hear about how the progress is going on in terms of Scavenger Hunts mode?

I considered posting an idea about “Badge Exchange” that I had in mind.

Where you could deposit badges and gain tokens equal to the amount of bits it needs to be crafted.

While you can also withdraw badges for the cost of 2* amount of bits.

And it could be a refresh for Challenge Shop, since that one is of rather no use.

@PBLudwig maybe some idea that would be useful later?

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been disappointed with the refreshes lately :cry: I think we are currently on phase 2 of bringing Hero Refreshes back in full swing.

Initially we had to pause them for a bit as we transitioned to the new team but now we’re getting back to a regular cadence of stat buffs. My hope is to deliver on full refreshes soon and I love the idea of bringing back the polls to get you all involved in the process.


Ah I see and interesting.

That said, would definitely like more dogs even if yes the cats are fun to :-).
Thanks for answering anyway Coach ^^.

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Heck yeah to polls! I hear good things about the John silver refresh so don’t cut yourself short.

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Ngl if that is possible at some point in the future, I’d like Jack Sparrow with a refresh to his blue that would feature his iconic 1-shot pistol. :sweat_smile:

He is fine now, but his blue skill just isn’t too useful.

I wouldn’t necessarily say disappointed with the refreshes themselves, any refresh is cool to see! Even the minor stats-based ones can help heroes become more useful. I just wish we saw more :grin:

It’s great to know that they will hopefullly be coming along more often again!

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Well, what’s stopping you guys?

Do you play challenger arena and coliseum mode as real player also ?

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Was said numerous times - a costume takes as much as a new hero.

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Well, couldn’t they do what they did with Elsa and make a permanent costume for Hiro?

Cue previous posts.


He would basically be a complete hero do-over starting conversations and planning from scratch, and along the lines of why we don’t make costumes, we’re currently focusing more on adding new heroes.

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