Long time player upset about new deals


Long time player, I have played almost every day since the game came out.

I check my rank everyday to make sure I am maintaining. I am normally between 1200-1400. This morning I am at 5000… What happened overnight that could have caused this? To say the least I am very discouraged and not sure if I will continue to play

Let me know your thoughts



Are you in one of the following servers? If so, you were probably affected by the merge. You can read about it here:


It sounds like you are on a server that merged.
Let’s assume you were on server 9 and ranked 1200. The chances are that you would be ranked somewhere similar if you were on server 10, 11 or 12. In other words, across those 4 servers as a whole, there would be around 4800 players ranked above you (up to around 5600 if you were ranked 1200 on server 9).
When the servers merged, all the players from those servers get squished into the same rankings list and all of a sudden the 4800 players who were above you (but you couldn’t see) are now getting compared to you.
Nothing has changed in reality, just your position on a list that has no consequence.

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Not thrilled the range I started with has now changed but it is what it is. Thanks for the information

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I know it’s not as nice to look at, but if you think about it, nothing has really changed. If you were in say the top 5% before, you most likely still are now - it’s just a different scale.

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In all actuality it could work to your advantage. There is a challenge that requires you to climb the rankings by a set percentage (10% I think, I’m not going to bother checking). The lower you are when you start this and the more people there are in your server, the easier this is to do.

Silver lining.

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