Looking Back On A Year

It’s been quite a year for Disney Heroes: Battle Mode! We first launched our beta back in March 2018 in just a few countries with 15 heroes. We launched globally in mid-May 2018 with 25 heroes and localization for English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.

In the past year, we’ve more than doubled the number of heroes in game; added support for Russian, Japanese, and Korean; and added several new battle modes, from Guild War and The Heist, to the most recent, Invasion.

Below are some fun bits of trivia looking back on the past year. Thank you to all of the players from around the world who have put so much effort making Disney Heroes: Battle Mode a success!

58 Heroes Have Been Released

Over 58 Million Infected Campaign Nodes Have Been Cleared

Over 45.6 Trillion Gold Has Been Earned

Over 13 Million City Watches Have Been Completed

Over 1 Million Mercenaries Have Been Hired

Over 133 Million Battles Have Been Fought in the Arena

Over 3.5 Million Friend Campaigns Have Been Completed

And, Last But Not Least…

Over 25 Million Valuables Have Been Protected in The Heist!


Over 10 million hearts have been won


Think This is a typo, think it should be modes not Nodes

I think it is correct. Node is the chapter


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The ratio of Mercs hired to City Watches complete surprises me. With most players doing 1 City Watch per day (and occasionally 2 or even 3), but players in guilds able to hire up to 8 mercs each day, I would’ve thought the merc hire count would be significantly higher than CW completed - certainly not the total opposite!!

I wonder if this reflects that there are many more active players who aren’t in guilds than I thought. :man_shrugging:

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I have started playing this game from july 16th, last year.

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I hope you add more characters in future updates.


Quite a ride!
Looking forward the 2nd year already.


Very good post!


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If you’re raiding City Watch, you usually aren’t hiring a merc for it. So there’s one day where you might hire a merc or three, then you have 5 days where you just have to press one button and boom, CW is done.


Yep, that was a nice year(Says the one who plays only 7 months), with great surprises, lots of fun and a couple of disappointments. Want to wish some luck for PerBlue and the playerbase, and let the next year be even more fun! :partying_face:

But this isn’t mercs hired for City Watch, this is mercs hired in general - and most people will hire as many as they can/are allowed in surge each day

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Agreed, it is a bit weird. As a guild we nearly finish our 400 mercs a day. I know we’ve not always had access to as many (used to be 300) but just our guild could account for easy over 100,000 mercs in the past year.

And lost. My server cant have more than 5000 active players as the last event only 44 and up were the top 1%, that said i really hope the issues i and others have with the leveling etc are resolved in one way or another because i really do love this game. Most other games i loose interest in within a month but im still playing a year later, i love the fact the number of game modes has increased so much. Coming from pre war/invasion/heist i wonder how i found anything to do ingame lol

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I have calculated only 57 heroes here…


They didnt put goofy into it because he technically hasnt released fully


I’m so proud of dis year. Let’s make the 2nd year as great as dis one! :grin:


I sincerely want to thank Perblue for creating this game because honestly, I really enjoyed it!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It gave me some of my life’s first times: first time to make friends inside the game and the forums, first time to be competitive in a game, first time to be active at a forum, first time giving opinions and feedbacks about the game, and first time to be consistent for more than half a year (I normally stay 3-4 months at a game).

I’m more than happy to be a part of this game, I don!t consider myself to be a gamer, but since DHBM is the game that I stayed the longest, I’m thinking of this as the start of my gaming life.:selfie:t2:

I don’t know how long will my journey with DHBM will last, but there’s one thing I’m sure of, that DHBM is one of the many things I will never forget. Thank you again, Perblue! :tada::tada::hugs: